5 Ways to Use Drones in 2018


Drones come in many names to different people: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and the Flying robots, just to mention a few. The arrival of drones over past few the years has paved the way for innovations and use of the device by many experts and in the year 2018, the drone will be integral in several fields. We will look at a few areas where drones will make huge inputs this year.


  • Drones in Agriculture

Drones input will give the agriculture sector a high technological edge in 2018. Although in the previous years, it wormed its ways into the sector, it is going to be at an unprecedented height in the New Year.

At the beginning of the crop cycle, drones will come handy for soil analysis and field analysis, whether for seed planting patterns, providing data for irrigation and monitoring soil nitrogen level.

Drones will not stop at the analysis level, but will be used in planting and in the process, reduce costs by 85%. Drones can enhance crop spraying significantly as well.


  • Conservation purposes

Like in the agriculture sector, drones hold the future to checking illegal logging and mining. In the last ten years, many countries have battled with illegal loggers and miners. It is on record that the Brazilian Amazon lost over 3,000 square miles every year to illegal logging and unprofessional mining activities; the same applies to other regions all over the world.

Deploying drones in threatened areas will help to locate the precise location of illegal activities in the thick forests, without wasting time in discovering illicit acts going on.


  • Aerial video shoots

Like the agriculture sector and natural resources conservation, shooting aerial views in movies cannot get any better. Deploying drones is a cheaper and faster way to shoot movies by producers who are unable to hire a chopper.

With near perfect pictures produced, depending on the experience of the videographer, move producers will embrace drones in 2018, over helicopters.


  • Construction sites survey

Instead of using humans, cumbersome machinery, and expensive tools to survey building sites, drones present cheaper options to the conventional methods in building technology. Drones are able to produce complex data, at the same time; it reduces the time taken on the survey task and minimizes cost.

Drones in construction have made data collection fast and accurate, while making the jobs of project managers easier. With its rising popularity in the construction sector, drones will play vital roles in survey and data collection in 2018.


  • Sports coverage

Gradually gaining attention in covering sporting events, drones will enjoy better patronage in sports coverage in 2018 and it is likely to compete with blimps and sophisticated wireless cameras in filming difficult angles.

Capturing breathtaking aerial views in horse races, covering large golf courses and in stadium matches, drones will play greater roles in delivering unique images to sports lovers in the new year, since many sports organizers are in the habit of delivering top-notch images to viewers.

Although drones have been around for a while, the fact that it is easy to deploy and a cheaper option to conventional methods will lead to huge inroads in many fields in the future.

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