5 Booming Businesses for Drone Photography

Drone photography is on the cusp of becoming the go-to tool for a vast spectrum of industries and businesses. Already established photographers will be looking to add drone photography to their professional toolbox and standalone drone photography businesses will be sprouting up faster than you can believe.

Here are five industries we think will be at the forefront of this trend over the next couple of years.

Real Estate

Let’s face it, 50% of buying a house is not just knowing how many bathrooms there are, but figuring out how close your future annoying neighbours are to your front porch. Drone photography is the saviour of real estate agents who make (sorry) kind of lousy photographers. They’re only edged out by people on Craigslist who apparently have an ongoing contest to take the worst picture of an item for sale known to humanity. In any event, drone photography can do what real estate listings and Google Street View just can’t, give the prospective buyers an excellent vantage of a potential future property via the internet. You can see how large the pool is, how much room the kids will have to play in the backyard, and how close you are to that rusty mobile home next door that is almost certainly a meth lab.


News flash: PEOPLE LOVE TAKING PICTURES AND VIDEO OF THEIR WEDDINGS. It’s a thing. Unfortunately, with only a photographer at ground level, you’ll never be able to convey the scope of your destination wedding on the beach in Maui. Drone photography solves that problem and opens a whole new world of possibilities for wedding photography and video. Does your wedding party have 14 bridesmaids and groomsmen? You’ll never get them all in a picture unless you shoot them from a quarter-mile away. Drone photography can get the right angle to get everyone in one shot, and drone videography opens the door to all kinds of crazy videos of your wedding party jumping off seaside cliffs or running from an invading zombie attack. So take the banana slicer off your registration and ask for a drone instead.

Vacation Videos

Once you picture all the applications of drone photography to weddings, it’s only a hop and a skip to imagining the uses for honeymoon (keep it PG, people) and vacation videos to share to all your friends on Facebook and make them hate you even more for your daily posts of bliss. GoPro started a revolution in the extreme sports selfie group, but holding one on a stick is just not going to capture the perspective of you and your spouse parasailing in the Mediterranean as lovely as the best drones for GoPro can do. Think drone videos of rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, scuba-diving, or just laying on the beach enjoying a cerveza.


It is only about time before the major networks start hooking up drones with live-streaming cameras and broadcasting DroneCam feeds of all major sporting events. They’ll do it for the novelty factor, to begin with, but the masses will soon come to expect this type of access as a part of their cable subscriptions, and then it’ll be standard. Not to mention drones dropping t-shirts, prizes, or even your nachos. No more weird people are touching my $12 nachos! Huzzah!


Your local news station will do a 20-minute segment on how a rubber ducky can kill you while you sleep, do you think they’re going to miss out on the drone bandwagon if it brings in one more viewer? HECK NO. Get ready for drone coverage of traffic jams, house fires, or live video of reporters standing on dark street corners where something exciting happened earlier in the day. Why do they do that? No one knows. But they’ll be doing it by drone sooner than you think. Get ready for Thanksgiving Day parade coverage via drone too. Now you can see the parade AND listen to the annoying semi-celebrity announcer.


Those are just off the top of our heads. What do other businesses you think are about to get the drone photography treatment?

Oliver McClintock

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