The Increasing Demand Of Drones In The Indian Market

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems) are called drones. In the past they were related to war and were a major weapon for attacking enemies. They were used for direct attack on people and were used as a spying tool. Things have changed today and with time the use of drones have changed too. Today, the commercial sector has understood the importance of these flying objects and has recognized its potential in different streams.

Importance of drones in the enterprise market
There has been a tremendous rise in the manufacturing of drones for personal and commercial use. As per the report of Gartner, a significant rise has been seen in drone production every year which has developed its market with billions of profit. There has been some regulation on drone production in the civil market but that has not diminished its production. In short, the overall drone production in the market has demonstrated substantial growth even though its performance has been different on personal and commercial submarkets.

Today the advantage of drones is not simply limited to military or ecommerce and businesses are looking for opportunities to use its technology. Say for example, the
technology giant Amazon is looking for ways to use the drone technology to drop
parcels at the customer’s house with less hassle. Being one of the largest online
retailers they understand the importance of drones and so it is listed on their product
list. The best thing is that people can try Amazon India offers on drones for a

Important factors which have led to the increasing popularity of drones
According to one study, it has been noted that the drone production market is predicted to
witness a surge by 2020 because of the innovation in technology and decreased cost in drone manufacturing. The main factors which have led to the increase in the drone software market are rise in the use of drones in military and commercial sectors and increasing investments in the field. Based on the current situation, the segment of open source software is expected to dominate the market. As such software is available for free many companies are planning to opt for it. As there is increased need of customized software for end users, the trend of using open source software is on the rise.

As drones can reach every nook and corner were humans cannot reach its demand
for surveillance, visual data collection, remote site inspections, security, land surveying and for similar things has increased over time.

The data captured by drones can be sent for analysis to get better analytics which
can help businesses in decision making. Based on the different needs of the software, drone software is being developed.

Drones in the commercial market
In the commercial market, the price of drones are significantly higher while its market is
much smaller. With regulations being set up on drones by government, the market of drone production is stabilizing slowly. This has led companies to try and test drones for commercial use. The drones developed for commercial purposes come with longer flight times, higher payload, flight controllers and better sensors. They come with functions, which makes the business smooth. This has led to the varying price of drones based on the requirements. No doubt the high price can be beaten with Latest Indian Deals.

The increased use of drones can definitely help the Indian market to make some great business decisions. Again, everything comes with some cons and with drone security is the main concern. If used in the wrong hands, it can turn out to be a tool to spy on people and peep into their lives. So proper monitoring of drones is very important.


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