Benefit of Drone Videos for Real Estate Agents

drone videos

The widespread adoption of drones for aerial photography and drone videos has
created a new trend in the real estate industry. This amazing technology is helping
real estate agents show off the best parts of their properties and increase buyer

These days, drones are outfitted with powerful camera technology that produces
high quality images. This is a fantastic development because property buying is a
visual process. Statistics show that more than 90% of all homebuyers start their
search for a property online. So it really comes down to the visual appeal of the
videos and images when listing a property for sale.


Why Aerial Videography is Important For Real Estate Listings
Check out any online real estate listing and you’ll quickly discover a pattern where
the listings have a few outdoor photos that showcase the front and back of the
property, while the majority of the photos will show off the inside of the property.
Why is that so? Well, it’s because taking pictures and recording videos inside a
property is so much easier and cost-effective than outside.

What if you can give potential property buyers a comprehensive view of your real
estate listing? We all love to look at the pretty pictures from the inside of a property,
but what about the areas that matter like the roof, backyard, nearby shops, parks,
schools, and more. Now with the use of aerial drone videos and photos, your real
estate listing can provide a complete view of what matters.

Recently, some studies carried out by the National Association of Realtors (NAR)
and several other companies have revealed that properties that are listed with
videos have a higher chance of being sold than those with regular photos. In yet
another study, about 73% of homeowners stated that they preferred to list their
properties with agents that use videos to sell properties.

In the last two years, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has relaxed its
drone regulations making drone operations so much easier. This also makes it a
more affordable choice when compared to the previous methods used in acquiring
aerial videos.
Real estate agents can now leverage the power of drone technology to showcase all
types of properties no matter how complex the structure.

Choosing The Right Drone Operator For Your Listing
Just because drone operators are readily available online does not mean that you
should choose just anyone for your property listing. Hire only a professional who is
licensed and insured to make the process easy and to get the best results. provides fully licensed operators who have been rigorously vetted
and have all passed background checks. On top of that, all of our Drone Operators
are fully insured. With us, you can rest easy knowing that your videos and photos
will be of the highest quality.

We specialize in filming all types of properties and will always deliver outstanding
aerial photography. Most importantly, all of our Drone Operators are mindful to
adhere to all FAA rules and regulations.
We offer a hassle free service for a flat fee of only $250, no matter how large the
property is. Our affordable flat fee covers a 1-1.5 minute video and 10 to 20 high-
resolution images taken with 4K HD cameras.

After you place your order, we will send out a Drone Operator within as little as24
hours and we also offer a fast turnaround time (48 hours) after the shoot is finished.
The good news is that after delivery, we provide you with an SEO friendly webpage
so you can share your aerial photos and videos online fast and conveniently.

If you are a real estate agent and are looking for an innovative way to showcase your
property, then can help you. With our service, your listings will
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