Curious about what’s under the shell of a DJI Phantom drone? – Dronefly reveals

As a drone repair and sales shop, Dronefly sees hundreds of these Phantom drones each month. With so many repairs we thought why not show the drone community how these things look inside. With that, we began to take pictures of all the different components from the same angle and with Photoshop we arranged all the components into an exploded view. After making the main graphic images we realized that most people do not understand what all the components do, which is why we decided to make a glossary. With more information about all the different components and how they work together, people become more informed, bringing them closer to the technology they have become accustomed to. As more people understand drones, the greater the adoption of drones into the industrial segment. We here at Dronefly see the industrial segment as the most important because it has the ability to increase safety with inspection and to save lives with search and rescue. If you are interested in how drones can assist in your industry, please check out