Drone School Now Open in Moscow

How often do we come across drones in our lives?

The quadcopter has already firmly entered the life of people as a hobby – to take photos and video of beautiful places during the holidays, to shoot an event, to fly through the park.

Drones are also business: a lot of companies offer services in aerial photography of objects, and some countries that have progressive legislation are intensively studying the issues of the legal use of drones in the delivery of goods and products.

Given the fact that the line between a hobby and a serious application of drones is blurring, the question arises quite logically: can operation of drones be a profession in the near future?

The guys from the Moscow Aviation Institute in Russia found the answer to this question intuitively.

The presence of one of the largest community of drone-racers located in the building of the alma mater of Russian civil aviation + the need for standardization of training for copter pilots = a logical thought: it’s time to open a school.


Today the Drone school of the Moscow Aviation Institute is an educational platform where a person of any gender and age can learn to fly on any type of copter – from microdrones for racing with a cat around the apartment, to heavy specialized complexes with useful lifting power.

The courses are designed for different levels of preparation – from the basic one-off course to the one-year course aimed at drone-racers with the aim of joining the drone racing team of the MAI (especially since the end of 2017, since drone racing has become an official sport in Russia).


In addition to directly operating drones, students of the school are taught to fully assemble their custom drones, programming and detailed technical understanding of the device of copters.

During the work of the school, a specialized educational program was developed, which was created according to the structure of the curricula of universities in the framework of professional higher education. Currently there is ongoing work to approve this program as a training standard for the profession of a “drone operator”.

We were pleasantly surprised, realizing that we underestimated our target audience a little. It turned out that the copters are interesting for 14-year-old girls and 50-year-old grown men. Innovation and futurism are interesting to all people, and the view from FPV glasses does not leave anyone indifferent.

Already at the present time the School of Drones MAI is a profitable and growing business direction that develops the market and contributes to the transformation of the entire labor market.

To contact MAI, email – hello@maidroneschool.ru

Kirill Schukin

Kirill Schukin is founder of Moscow Aviation Institute drone school. Graduated from the MAI, he worked for 8 years in the Sukhoi Design Bureau as a specialist after-sales service of aviation equipment, living in such countries as Algeria, Vietnam, India, Malaysia. Now Kirill works at the MAI and popularizes the topic of civilian drones.

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