The Most Popular Drones in Peer-to-Peer Rental

As any drone owner will know, the compulsion to buy the latest DJI can become something of an obsession. And though there is nothing wrong with having a healthy collection it can quickly become financially burdensome. If you want to continue fuelling your passion, but you are running out of funds, then you may be interested to hear which of your collection could be generating you passive income through peer-to-peer rentals.

Happily, our friends over at Fat Lama have been doing a little digging to find the answer for you. They have taken data from the thousands of transactions that have occurred on the platform since the start of the year to find out just which drones are making their lenders the most income. This was done by combining the total money generated by each type of drone with the frequency of rentals to produce a comprehensive leaderboard.

DJI Mavic Pro


Purchase Cost: £799

Daily Rental Rate: £30

Percentage of Total Cost: 3.8%

Days to Cover Cost: 27

The Mavic Pro is by far and away the most popular drone on the platform. The sheer number of rentals this type of drone on the platform counterbalances it’s relatively low daily rental rate, meaning this compact little drone is generating its’ lenders more income than any other type on the platform. This can be attributed to the fact it’s a portable size (at just a sixth of the size of the Phantom 4) but with most of the same features as larger models – it can still fly for up to 27 minutes, over 8 miles, and has 4k camera. This makes it a great ‘all rounder’ drone for amateurs to professional filmmakers alike.

DJI Phantom 4


Purchase Cost: £629

Daily Rental Rate: £35

Percentage of Total Cost: 5.6%

Days to Cover Cost: 18

Coming in second, the iconic DJI Phantom is still in high demand on the platform sitting just behind the Mavic Pro in terms if frequency of rentals. What’s more, this drone is a popular listing amongst lenders as well as borrowers, as the high daily rental rate compared to purchase cost means it requires relatively few rentals in order to pay for itself completely. This drone is perfect for videographers as the increased speed and agility, visual tracking and precision hovering make it an ideal drone for sports films or high speed shoots.

DJI Inspire 2


Purchase Cost: £3059

Daily Rental Rate: £150

Percentage of Total Cost: 4.9%

Days to Cover Cost: 20

Both the DJI Inspire 1 and 2 have proven popular on the platform with near equally frequent rentals requested on the platform. However, the Inspire 2 just beats the 1 into third place on our leaderboard, as the higher daily rental rate makes it a better income generator overall. Interestingly, the Inspire range has fallen behind both the Mavic Pro and the Phantom on our leaderboard, despite being technically more advanced (with a maximum speed of 58 mph, a maximum flight time of 27 minutes and the ability to fly in low temperatures) but this is likely due to its increased size and price making it less accessible to some users.

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