Kids Drones: Learning to Fly This Summer

With Memorial Day weekend behind us, the summer season is officially upon us! With summer here, gorgeous weather, and the end of school approaching, you may be thinking about what in the world you are going to do to keep the kids busy. You want something that will engage their creativity, get them outside, and still be as cool as playing video games.

The solution is simple- get them into drones! This doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition, either. There are tons of great kids drones on the market that won’t break the bank, and are fully functional, perfect for a beginning pilot.

If you’re feeling apprehensive about how to teach them to fly drones, or have concerns about safety, there’s always the option of drone camp. While there may not be a drone camp in your local area, there probably are drone clubs that would welcome your youngster, and help them make some new friends that can initiate them in their new hobby.

Drones as a hobby for your kids is more than just zooming around aimlessly. If they love competition and a fast-paced game, they can get into drone racing, a rapidly growing, world-wide sport. Or if your young one is more into peaceful pursuits, they can learn some aerial photography skills, and create beautiful art. The options are as high as the sky, and the perfect time to start is this summer!