Why a Drone is a Good Choice of Gift for Kids


Today kids have such a significant amount of cool things that we didn’t even imagine when we were children. Just look at the variety of gadgets, always updated iPhones,  smartphones, and various facilities. These make life easier times 10. Until recently, the word “drone” referred to the ones first used during wars a century ago. But today we are going to talk about another subdivision of this stuff – drones for kinds.

If you still have doubts, please, read the article carefully – you will find out more information about this quite exciting toy. As kids like fun stuff, then how should we feel about letting them take control of the latest things in modern technology? Should we allow it, or be stricter giving only necessary things without something extra? Of course it depends on you, but drones are definitely not a useless thing.

Why do you worry so much? Children nowadays are smarter then we used to be; most children these days have grown up with video games. This might be hard to take, but it probably won’t be long until your kid is a better pilot than you are. Playing video games, they have developed a dexterity that adults couldn’t dream of having – using remote controls is second nature. Want some proof? A 16-year-old team of boys won the $250,000 prize at the World Drone Prix in Dubai last month. Simply put, kids are great with their thumbs, and as long as piloting continues to be an extension of gaming, they’ll take to it like a duck to water.

And isn’t it cool to get all things that you want in a minute? Just call your son or daughter and the drone with beer will be in your hand in a minute.

What skills can be developed by using drones?

Now let’s talk about skills that can be improved or developed thanks to toy drones.

  1. Practical skills will become better for sure.

Think about it; we, being at the age of our kids were capable of doing many more things than they can now. Probably, this happens because of society, or perhaps because of us. Many manufacturers offer custom-build kits, meaning that as well as learning to fly, kids can discover all the smart engineering and technical stuff. No doubt, these days everything comes pre-assembled and sanitized, and many kids lack the practical skills that their fathers take for granted. Can your kid build a spice rack as well as you can? If the answer is “no”, then this toy is a great way to develop hands-on skills.

  1. Your kid will improve his/her communication skills.

If you have trouble with getting your kid to have some outdoor fun, getting him quadcopter is perhaps the best thing you can do. Memorize these words – every morning he will be rushing outside to fly it and try to impress you every step of the way. Also, this machine flying in the park is an excellent way of making new friends and socializing. Plus, once you get him a drone, you will never have problems with taking your kid camping; he will always be happy to have an opportunity to fly it in a new place.

3. More responsibility at home!

One valuable reason you should get your kid a quadcopter is – it will teach them lessons “in responsibility”. They are fun and exciting but sometimes can cause serious damage; if the child is careless, you can buy it to improve the kid. Those toys carry a some danger of causing serious damage to something. If it’s little, not so much, it can hit someone’s eye for example, but the bigger it is, the more chances to buy someone a new window. So, learning what is involved in responsible flying will increase a sense of awareness of others and cultivate safe flying habits.

  1. Usage will prepare them for the future job market.

You may think: “Oh, come on, he is 8 years old. It is so long until he gets a job!” BUT: it is never too early to start improving! Believe in it or not, getting your children involved with a new hobby, such as quadcopter flying, can shape the rest of their life and the career path  choose. What types of job markets could possibly involve drones you wonder? Several!

 Film making, photography, and journalism industries have begun to be revolutionized because of the recent development in drone technology. In times of crisis, journalists can use drones to capture footage from all sorts of disaster areas from floods, riots, and war zones.

 Humanitarian efforts such as disaster relief, exploration, etc. Quadcopters are the best drones if the situation is connected to visit places where humans cannot get to. They can be ideal for search and rescue missions and delivering relief to those in need.

 Deliveries –  this goes without saying, but there will be several jobs in the delivery and fulfillment industry. Both small drones and bigger ones can deliver packages to other people; this can even cause a crisis in post offices later.

 Drone piloting, maintenance, presentations of drones for beginners; all these jobs can also exist and, honestly, already exist. People have invented so many jobs that it is even hard to select one appropriate for you. Isn’t it?

 The security and law enforcement industry has a huge need for drone pilots. Drones can replace security cameras and security guards, they can cover more ground, and they are cheaper to use than hiring a security staff.

 The agriculture industry is also being improved by quadcopter’s technology. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is currently using quadcopters to monitor and manage livestock farms. Farmers are also using drones to monitor and maintain their crops. In the future farmers may use drones to spray for insects and diseases, analyze their farms’ soil patterns, and protect crop health by checking for any signs of blight or drought.

To sum it up, it is cool to realize that society is changing, that we are not just viewers; we are users of modern technologies. Don’t hesitate to bring happiness to your child and to start making his brilliant future!

About the Author: Carol James is a writer and senior editor at college help service, so you can order a paper from custom writing service EssayLab. She has MA degree in social sciences and writes articles, reviews on the different actual subjects. So, if you have any questions regarding writing, feel free to ask her.



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