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Torvol is a brand-new start-up offering carrying solutions for drones and accessories for FPV Racing, freestyle and imaging drones. We designed our products in collaboration with top FPV pilots worldwide. They are relatively new on the market, but pilots from all around the world are already using their products.

In a drone market growing exponentially, Torvol is an international drone accessories brand from Red Pimiento Europe. The idea of making drone backpacks and accessories was born 2 years ago. During this time, their dedicated team worked together with top FPV drone pilots while designing and creating the products. They design with the pilot’s needs at the heart of the product to offer the best carrying solutions to date for their demands and usage.

FPV Racing:
In FPV racing, pilots unfortunately spend more time assembling and repairing quadcopters or changing LiPo batteries and propellers than being in the air. With this knowledge, they created the PITSTOP range, bags with a dedicated drone workspace which allows for quick and effortless adjustments and modifications to quads.

The PITSTOP line-up includes the Quad PITSTOP Backpack PRO, the crown jewel of the PITSTOP range, which can carry up to 4 quads, as well as all gear required for racing, and much more. The modular divider set gives pilots the freedom to arrange their bag to suit their requirements. A Tripod and a foldable chair can be attached to the outside. The Quad PITSTOP Backpack is a compact version of the PRO. It is able to carry 2 quads, props, tools, LiPo’s and spare parts. In addition, our FPV range includes the Quad Transmitter case, and the fire resistant LiPo Safe Pouch, allowing you to safely transport your controller and all your LiPo’s anywhere you go.

Like they did for FPV racing, they looked at the two other main categories in the droning landscape. The Freestyle PITSTOP Bag, which can be used as a hand bag or a shoulder bag, is the ideal match for die-hard freestylers. The bag fully unzips to create a flat and clean PITSTOP area. The Drone Day Backpack and Drone Session Backpack, smaller and lighters backpacks, complete the Torvol Freestyle lineup.

They feature dedicated drone straps to carry fun drones for a flying session outdoors or at a friend’s house. Finally, the Indoor Race Pack is included in the Torvol product catalogue.

For Imaging enthusiasts, they designed the Drone Adventure Backpack, the best companion for drone photographers to take their gear on the go. It provides ample space for all your drone, DSLR camera, and travel necessities. It features hard-shell protection for your drone and camera gear. With the internal modular divider the interior of the bag can be arranged to hold most drone models similar to DJI Phantom. This bag easily turns from a drone daypack into a spacious and comfortable travel backpack by an expandable roll top compartment which can hold clothes, food, and other travel gear.

The Drone Landing Pad allows for clean and save lift-off and landing of your imaging drone and protects it from dirt and other filth from clogging up the motors and smudging the camera lens.

The TORVOL story:
Torvol launched their products in the beginning 2018. At the same time, they launched the very successful online Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign (122% funded). It also saw the start of their sponsorship deal with Holland’s premier FPV team, SQG Racing. In April, their very own race team, Torvol Racing, finished 4th during the Utrecht Internationals, part of the IDRA 2018 Drone Racing Series. Subsequently, the Torvol supported team grabbed the third spot in those very same finals. They are now in sponsorship negotiations with the US based team NEXXBlades Racing, one of the greatest drone racing teams in the world.

On top of all these exciting evolutions, they recently showcased all of Torvol’s products during CEBIT 2018, in Hanover DE. CEBIT is Europe’s leading Business Festival for innovation and digitization. The interest and excitement around their booth was sensational.

Additionally, Walter Kort of Torvol Racing finished 3rd during the DMFV – Drone Racing Series held at CEBIT. It was also an unprecedented occasion for their team to meet up with top freestyle pilots Mr.Steele and Konasty FPV.

As for now, Torvol is growing immensely fast, and the word-of-mouth is rapidly spreading. To increase this positive vibe, they are opening new sales channels throughout the EU, as well as the US. Our FPV influencer and ambassador list is steadily growing. Noteworthy is the highly regarded French FPV racing professional, Pablo Sotes, a true asset within the French community for the Quad PITSTOP Backpack PRO. The rest of Europe is following suit, with ambassadors from Germany to the UK, and from the Netherlands to Spain.

At the moment, you can find Torvol products soon at
More stores following soon!


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