Would You Rather: Race a Car or Race a Drone

Adrenaline junkies and sofa spectators alike will agree that there’s nothing like a good race. And what could be more exciting than a race against two seemingly incompatible contenders? In just such a match-up, YouTube is full of videos demonstrating examples of this thrilling, sci-fi-esque flavor of race. Take for example the following drone vs. car race in Dubai:



Or this example where the race car company built their own custom super drone for the face-off:



In the first video, the drone wins. Arguably, this is because the car was racing on highways, not a dedicated track, and therefore had to contend with certain obstacles and barriers that slowed it down. The drone obviously had no such constraints. In the second video, where the car gets to race on a closed track, the car wins. Could this be because the drone was not a true racing drone?

No doubt there will continue to be endless racing pitting drones against race cars, and the outcome will be different in each case. The real question is, which is better, racing cars, or racing drones? If it’s adrenaline you want, both definitely fit the bill. If you’re going for the thrill of the landscape blurring past, again, both can offer you that – drones through the medium of FPV. Race cars offer the advantage of getting to actually sit in the vehicle. But how many of us can actually afford (or have the training) to have a real race car experience? Racing drones, on the other hand, are cheap enough to be accessible to almost anyone who wants to give it a go and experience the inexpressible thrill of hurtling at top speeds through a race course. This is article is written in conjunction with www.sparepartstore24.co.uk.