Drone Technology and Its Impact on Tourism Marketing

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The success of the tourism industry has skyrocketed with the new popularity of drones. With a strong online presence of these visually stimulating aerial videos, people are becoming more interested in travel. They crave to reach new heights and travel to different places, thanks to the videos of breathtaking views that are popping up in all social media platforms.

Now, helicopters are no longer needed to capture aerial coverage because drones now available for use. One of the most prominent posts across all social media are travel videos taken by drones. Let’s take a look at how drones contribute to tourism marketing.

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Innovation in Video Content Creation

Thanks to drones, the hospitality industry has dramatically cut costs on producing high quality aerial videography and relevant video content promoting travel destinations. These videos replace mainstream, smartphone photography for the consumption of online viewers. They aim to increase number of views and “shares” week after week. With the help of social media platforms, many dream destinations all over the globe have been discovered after their aerial videos started “trending” online. It’s easy to entice travelers when they see cinematic videography of their dream destinations, and with the use of drones, some of the most beautiful aerial video has been captured and posted online.

Promoting Isolated Places

Drones are highly capable of capturing places not known to many people. Business owners of hotels and resorts located on top of a mountain or in the middle of an unknown island have turned to drones for tourism campaigns. What’s more, travelers themselves who love to capture amateur aerial videos promote these places as they share their experiences on social media. The possibilities of these amateur videos reaching to numerous audiences are endless.

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Producing Videos to Promote Leisure Activities

When traveling, people do not only visit to see the place, they want to experience the leisure activities being offered and enjoy the amenities. Quality videos of different activities while capturing the whole landscape of the locale have helped tourism boost its online presence everywhere. Heart pumping activities can be captured as they happen, giving thrill to those who crave adventure.

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Promoting Culture

Through Videos People have made travel goals to see different tourist attractions around the world. But one thing that attracts people to certain places is the opportunity to experience a unique culture. Postcard-worthy pictures and iphone shots cannot compare to the cinematic drone videos that are the staple of tourism video campaigns. The site of a new city in natural light catches the interest of travelers, showing a true “feel” of how it is to be in that particular location.

Tourism drones have revolutionized tourism campaigns, helping grow economic activity in more ways than one. They creates opportunities for videographers to showcase the wonders of the world, and to promote various cultures as well. After all, a wonderful culture deserves appreciation from millions of viewers and soon to be regular visitors.


Guest post by Amanda Shaffer

Amanda Shaffer is a freelance blogger and outreach specialist. She enjoys slow-paced travel to the distant corners of the galaxy, always bringing along her trusty pooch, Bond. Amanda enjoys snapping super-professional photos with her phone or – when she’s lucky – exploring with a friend’s drone for a bird’s-eye-view of new adventures. For inquiries, you can find her on LinkedIn here.