Can Rapidly Changing Laws Put Drones on a Legal Obstacle Course?

If you think skills are the only thing you need to fly a drone, think again. Aerial capturing with the help of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) has grown to be popular among photographic enthusiasts, and journalists, as well as in impacting tourism. The rise in interest toward UAVs has caught the attention of the legislative bodies.  

Will flying a drone over your neighborhood land you in a lawsuit?

Most likely, yes. With more people taking on drone photography, the need to formulate regulations to safeguard the public has increased. If you own a drone, you probably have come across the FAA rules to fly a UAV in the United States. Also, you might as well have registered them, but is it enough to stay out of trouble? We fear it will not be the case if you are not updating your knowledge on drone laws.

  • In the year 1946, the US supreme court stated that the airspace above the ground belonging to the federal government.
  • In 1962, a decision for the property owners to control the 200 feet airspace was made under ULC (Uniform Law Commission).

Recently, the ULC may have overstepped their mark with a proposal that could shake up the drone industry.

How ULC’s new proposed law will work against drones

Drone owners are advised not to fly their crafts over populated residential areas and are required to have a permit to capture some private events. With this new ULC proposal, a casual video around your community can land you in a number of lawsuits because you may have committed a civil offense by crossing their threshold of 200 feet airspace above someone’s private property. Yes, you are open to fly in public spaces, but taking in a sunset in the space above private property can come with legal risk.

Since FAA made the ruling to not fly small UAV or drones above 400 feet, it will now take more skill to fly them without violating the ULC’s proposed law.

Changing Drone laws all over the world

Drones are attracting attention all over the world, thus, the laws in the United Kingdom have been re-formulated and is in effect starting from 30th July. Also, there seems to be a drone bill that would possibly ban children from owning aircraft that are above 0.55lb or 250g. They can, however, fly if it the drone in question is registered to an adult. This is being proposed as the safety of people is concerned with the frequent crashing of drones flown by children.

Over the years, the emergence of new technology has faced criticism, yet many of it survived. UAV or drones in question are one of the finest inventions in the photography industry that serves as an aid in legal surveillance also. Since the proposed law is likely a complication, those who are in favor of drone technology will fight against it. And hopefully, FAA may reject the ULC’s proposal.


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