The Edible Pouncer Drone – Nigel Grifford Presenting at the Commercial UAV Show

Credit: Nick Wilson
Inventor of Facebook’s Aquila drone, Nigel Gifford, will be showcasing his brand new ground-breaking invention: the edible Pouncer drone at this year’s Commercial UAV Show. This humanitarian UAV is designed to deliver food aid in disaster zones by being edible itself.
With a 50kg payload that can feed up to 100 people a day, a pre-formed shell that can be reused to provide shelter, it’s frame that can be burnt safely in order to cook food, this drone is a true inspiration in UAV mechanics.
Nigel hopes this invention will truly push the boundaries of air aid delivery and save countless lives.
Want to find out more about how innovations in materials and mechanical engineering will create the next wave of UAVs for air delivery? Join us at the Commercial UAV Show this November.