Try This Beginner Drone to Learn Aerial Photography

If you are looking for a great drone to learn with and are possibly thinking that you might want to give aerial photography or drone racing a shot in the future, then the Wingsland X1 is the perfect drone for this.

Currently Wingsland’s most recently released drone the Wingsland X1 is expected to top the S6 drone sales in 2019, with good star ratings on all the top online stores and great YouTube review videos the X1 is definitely helping to put Wingsland’s name on the droning world map.

The reasons for it having such great reviews and selling so well are mostly due to this drones price tag, great features and the features actually doing what they are meant to do, unlike many other drones that have made false promises.

When someone is learning how to fly a drone it is imperative that the drone is not to expensive as crashes are just a natural part of learning. The drone must be strong and easy to fly. The X1 drone has ticked all these boxes.

All of Wingsland’s drones have an extremely high build quality, the X1 is no different. Not only does it have a strong body, it also comes with propeller protectors which are a must when learning to fly a drone. These prop protectors will help prevent damage to the blades, people and objects around the house.

If and when a blade does happen to find its self-broken from being wrapped around a tree branch or the lounge room curtain, it can be easily swapped out for another one which has been included in the box.

When learning to fly, generally the hardest things to learn are the take-off and landing. The X1 helps with this using its under belly optical sensors. The sensors tell the drone how far it is from the ground bellow it, coupled with the auto take off and landing function this makes for a safe start and finish every time.

To access the auto take off and landing feature the Wingsland X1 uses an APP. The Wingsland APP can be downloaded straight onto the mobile device and then connected to the X1 via WiFi. This gives the drone about 100 meters range (can be increased to 500 meters with Wingsland R6 Controller).

On the mobile device you will be able to see a live view of what the drone camera is seeing, this is called FPV or first person view. Using the FPV you will be able to take and store drone footage and see where you’re going when you are racing. FPV can also be coupled with goggles that make you feel like you are inside the drone, these are brilliant for drone racing.

How Wingsland has made the X1 a great beginner drone for racers or photographers is very simple, but also quite smart.


The camera can be altered into different positions to suit the flying style of the person. If the flyer wants to learn how to fly a normal drone for taking pictures and moving footage, then face the camera forward. Once a flyer has mastered the flying controls then the camera can be faced more to the sky to match how the drone is pitched forward while racing.

Conclusion, The Wingsland X1 is a great drone for beginner flyers of either racing drones or aerial photographers. Once you have developed these skills and feel confident, you can either stick with this model just for fun, or move up to more advanced drones with a higher price tag and more features.

You can find more information on the X1 and all Wingsland drone models like the S6 and M5 on their full range of drones page