5 Places Students Can Get Drone Training in Australia

Drones! The term is most certainly not alien to you unless you’ve been living under a rock. We have all seen one, probably used one yourself too. Given the latest craze of social media and the growth in the digital space, the demand keeps going up. The use of drones in both commercial and professional use has gone up significantly in the recent past. Drones or Unmanned Aerial Systems are taking the world by storm. Even governments are creating regulations that govern these drones, so as not to invade someone else’s personal life. The need for mapping and aerial photography is another reason contributing to the rise of this ever-growing demand for drones.

Most of us usually have the assumption that drones have only 2 uses. They are either used for military purposes or by hobbyists capturing things they fancy. But fortunately for us, industries are making use of them in transforming their daily activities. For example, railways make use of them to look for damaged rail lines. Farmers are making use of drones to examine their crops and collecting soil data too. Retail companies are making use of those unmanned aerial services to deliver products. The most fascinating use of drones I came across was, how a guy is using his Drone to save lives. Amazing, isn’t it? The possibilities are endless. The reason why drones are becoming such an indispensable part of all these industries is, how cost and time efficient they are.

There are literally a hundred uses for a drone and the number is on the rise. The possibilities are limitless and showing up every new day. All this is creating huge demands for drone drivers and experts too. To match the rising demand in the market, institutions around the world are offering drone courses. These institutions offer graduate and undergraduate courses on drone flying.

So here are 5 places students can undergo drone training in Australia:

    1. TotalRPA– Both the directors of TotalRPA are commercial/RPA pilots & instructors. Their experience of training both commercial and hobbyists pilots is vast and expands up to over a decade. They provide hands-on flying training and also all the necessary theory required for a commercial license. They are known for their professionalism, industry standards of training and customized courses. They cater to remote pilot license training. They also offer RPA operator’s certifications, consultations and training. It’s important to note that they are among the few holders of CASA Instrument of delegation, all over Australia. Which also means CASA believes in them to deliver services to the public directly.
    2. RemoteAviation– They are known to provide the best advice, flexible training options and flawless training to their students. Having a RePL or remote pilot’s license is the first step if you want to fly your own drone. RemoteAviation takes care to make you aware of the regulations and requirements involved. They also give you the option to select from their vast range of training (available both on/offline) and guide you through the whole process. Their expertise comes from training businesses, government officials and individuals in the past. You will be taught by professionals who have had both manned and unmanned flying experience in the past. Their specialty though is their smaller class sizes and one-on-one training.
    3. InterSpacial Aviation – This is another CASA certified drone training company located in Western Australia. They are experts in on-going localized support and professional training too. They are also ReOC(Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator Certificate) approved. Their experts are industry biggies from the fields of Commercial Aviation & Aviation Engineering. They all hold both GA &RPA pilot licenses. Their experience working with CASA flight operations makes them know the know-hows of the industry better.
    4. Global Drone Solutions They target at making you a drone pilot while you just keep dreaming about it. This is another institute that allows you to select from CASA certified RePL training courses. They help you understand and learn about the ReOC certifications and planning. This helps you become a drone Pilot who is unique in this booming industry. They specialize in providing all 4- Training, certifications, workshops and help make businesses.
    5. Ground Effect Aviation – This is an internationally acclaimed training institute that is revered in the Aviation Industry. They have training courses for certification of ground theory for various levels of pilot licenses. They boast of having some of Australia’s best Flight instructors who teach you things even beyond CASA syllabus. They offer courses in, Private/Commercial/Air Transport Pilot License Theory and Instrument Rating Theory. They were the first to be certified in CASA and have successfully trained many businesses to operate RPA’s on their own. They also claim to train the most number of successful pilots than other organizations around them. They have their offices in Melbourne, New York and Shanghai.

Whether you’re a resident of Australia or a student visiting Australia for a while, you should opt for a short training course. You wouldn’t want to miss out on such a fun session which could change the course of your future, would you? Fly along with your ideas and start training as soon as possible. Let us know in the comments section below which institute you chose for your training.


About the Author: Bella Williams

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