New Product Launch by Teal Drones – Teal One

Today, Teal Drones launched its flagship product, Teal One, a drone conceptualized and designed by 21-year-old CEO and founder, George Matus. More than just a flying camera, Teal One is made for everyone to enjoy and discover the love of flying, from first-time flyers to expert level pilots.

Here are the details:

  • High Performance/Speed: Teal One is one of the fastest ready-to-fly drones with a top speed of 60 mph (and it can withstand wind resistance up to 40 mph).

  • Durability: The drone is designed to be modular with easy-to-fix “quick-swap” arms and removable props so you’re back in the air in minutes, not weeks.

  • Apps: the Teal One platform include apps, where users will enjoy new flight experiences.

  • At launch, the platform will offer one app called Teal Flight, an easy-to-use flight control app for beginner to advanced pilots that includes an adjustable flight bubble, a controlled flight area for practicing or trying new maneuvers.

  • Personalization: Adjust your flight tunings from slow and steady to fast and nimble, and choose from five flight modes including one-handed and voice control.

  • Teal One is designed and assembled in the U.S.

  • Teal One is currently available for purchase here for $1199 (and shipping immediately).