XDynamics – New Drone Company on the Block

Founded in 2015, XDynamics designs, develops and manufactures high-end aerial vehicles for both consumers and professionals. Our first drone, the Evolve, launched in 2018 and promises performance on the fly, patented technology and a seamless experience from each capture to sharing.

The XDynamics team is headquartered in Hong Kong and consists of industry-leading experts from Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, USA and Mainland China with several decades of experience in aerial robotics, aerodynamics, aerial cinematography, flight control algorithms, computer vision and imaging technology. XDynamics is a small company dedicated to the next breakthrough in the aerial space.


The Evolve

Three years ago, XDynamics was founded upon a vision for an integrated aerial platform which brings users a new flight experience. Three years later, here we are with the Evolve.

The Evolve is XDynamics’ first integrated platform which is built with the finest materials for speed and aerial precision. The Monocoque Chassis is made of carbon fiber, the material of choice for aircrafts with the highest strength to weight ratio in the world. This protects the electronics and allows for sturdiness and stability during the most extreme of flights. The elegantly designed quadcopter was inspired by the silhouette of a falcon.

What differentiates the Evolve and other drones on the market is that it values both the controller and aircraft as key components for a comprehensive flight experience. XDynamics understands that high precision and stability are important for each flight and with a combination of sensors, including LiDAR, a fail-safe approach which feeds data through multiple sensors for increased accuracy, safety and autonomy. The handcrafted/meticulously designed quick-release propulsion system provides power whilst minimizing vibrations for improved footage. The Evolve comes with a 4K 2/3 camera interchangeable with a m4/3 which delivers professional-grade footage and photos at 20.8MP.

Comforts of flying is achieved by zero latency and a patented dual-screen allowing the user to have a live view and a navigational interface simultaneously. Embodied in an all-in-one package of software and hardware, Evolve’s controller is a smart pilot system which fulfills all functions for users’ flying and filming needs. The powerful controller allows users to plan, create and share on the same platform.