Peugeot and DJI Start the 3rd. Edition of Peugeot Drone Film Festival

PEUGEOT and DJI will continue its successful Drone Film Festival in 2019. With the Drone Film Festival, PEUGEOT has created with DJI a highly acclaimed and international platform for drone films. Filmmakers from around the world are now called upon to submit their films for the competition in the four categories of Story Telling, Landscape, Sports and Experimental until 28 February 2019. Pilots can now upload their competition entries to the Festival website, all information about the festival and the latest Festival entries will be presented for international submissions on the homepage

The deadline for sending submissions ends on February 28th, 2019, the best participants will be invited in April 2019 to a grand final in Germany, at the new five-star luxury Hotel The Diaoyutai Mansion Frankfurt.

In Frankfurt the best filmmakers will be honored and get a three days DJI drone workshop with the best pilots in the world, accompanied by a directors workshop of the Jury.

The PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVAL 2018/19: PEUGEOT, one of the biggest car manufacturers in Europe, intensifies with the festival its commitment to film and television producers and builds a bridge between technology and art together with its partners DJI and The Diaoyutai Mansion Frankfurt. The winner will be invited to Europe and gets for six weeks everything he need for the perfect drone movie: two PEUGEOT Traveller MPVs with six individual seats in the luxury assembly, a complete DJI drone set and 5,000 EURO (current exchange = USD 5.200) cash for travel expences.