How to Create a Memorable Drone Photo While Traveling

It’s so amazing what the world from above has to offer. With the best drone tips, you can capture the magic of this world and highlight the most stunning moments that people will leave to remember. Here are some tips. 

Are you going on a trip? It would be a complete waste if you won’t be taking any photos. If you don’t post your coconut cocktail on Instagram, did you even have one? But just before you collect your souvenirs to post on Instagram, take a cue from the pros.

All travel destinations have their own culture, visual history, landscapes, stories, and people. You’d love to share your experiences with the world, and this can be best achieved by capturing the subjects to use them as a medium to convey the spirit of a place, giving others a taste of what it might feel like to visit the place.

Aerial travel photography brings new perspectives to our lives, adding a drone with a quadcopter camera to it makes the deal that much sweeter. Traveling with a drone doesn’t require much, you won’t get any restrictions or regulations even in countries like India with the strictest regulations regarding drone control and cheap generic drugs are in place. You can carry with you a drone backpack that allows you to pack your books, headphones, laptop, and drone in one pack.

Here are some of the drone tips to help you capture the best photos of the world.

Drone Tips for a Memorable Photo

1.    Look Out For The Angles, Shapes and Lines

Getting a high tech camera in the air is not enough to help you capture the best photos of the world. If you’re not careful, you might end up getting drone images that look more or less the same from the view you get from looking through aircraft windows. For aerial images to be perfect, in addition to the best drone camera, you`ll need to consider the angles, lines, and shapes that will bring out the magical details of the world from above. Don’t be in a hurry. Take your good time to ensure perfect alignment of the lines. This will require you to take several shots until you capture the best one. Be keen to notice the curves and angles that make magical compositions.

The desire to get the most appealing shapes, lines and angles will require you to fly in the middle of nowhere, which usually turns out to give the perfect results. Sometimes, nature is just too random to provide us with appealing subjects for the drone to capture.

2.    Make Good Use Of The Light

Light is the priority, even before the subjects. One of the drone tips a photographer should perfect is how to focus on the light. For drones, lack of strong shadows matters the most. This means that overcast days, sunset and early mornings work best despite being less thrilling for hand-done photography. Most photographers make use of the midday for sightseeing and sampling the best places for a shoot.

3.    Height Issues

These drone features allow you to go as high as possible and even come to the lowest heights with perfect control. It is recommended that you keep the drone below 200 feet for excellent shots. For an ideal angle on real-world objects, go for low shots. For shapes and world patterns, high shots would come through; for instance, oceans, coastlines or cities – they create a sense of wideness. Push through your high-flying fears, and you’ll see the amazing results you’ll get.

4.    People Are Most Times Intrigued By Drones

Quite a number of the people you’ll come across during your travels will be intrigued by the drone. This poses a good opportunity for photography. Imagine traveling through a village in rural areas. You could stop and do some cool things; take out your drone with the small professional camera fitted on it and start flying it around to capture the best moments.

You will not only entertain the locals but also stand a chance to get unique and stunning culture photos from the locals. You’ll realize that whenever you interact with people, you create more opportunities for memorable photos.


Most people would like to capture some the best and memorable travel photos, but actually, don’t know what to do with a drone. Getting the best photos of the world while traveling is a process and not an event. Now that you already have some of the basic drone tips to help create a memorable photo, it is best you start practicing to be an excellent drone photographer.

What’s so intriguing about travel drone photography that you’d love to share with us?

Author Bio: Alex Green studied in LA and now works as a computer engineer. He enjoys photography and traveling. In his spare time, Alex gladly shares his knowledge about his hobby.