Apellix to Present at API Inspection and Mechanical Integrity Summit, January 31, 2019

Jacksonville, Florida…January 15, 2019 Apellix, the safety partner for the technological revolution, will discuss its groundbreaking contact-based drone inspection technology at the API Inspection and Mechanical Integrity Summit in Galveston, TX, held January 28-31.

Engineer Jamie Branch, P.E. will present the session, Using Autonomous Drones for Ultrasonic Inspection of Flare Stacks Today, at 9:10am on January 31st. She will detail how contact-based ultrasonic testing (UT) of flare stacks using autonomous drones with an articulating robotic arm offers an alternative and safer approach to obtaining wall thickness measurements.

A development that is critically needed in working with elevated structures, autonomous flight with contact-based testing and measurements is rapidly gaining ground as a safer, more accurate method of UT testing. During her session at API, Ms. Branch will present case studies illustrating the current state of the technology, and the benefits and limitations of autonomous UT drones.

Apellix’s precision-controlled aerial robotics systems are based on its patented software platform that utilizes tethered and untethered drones to move workers from harm’s way. Other additional uses of the Apellix platform – in addition to contact-based non-destructive testing – include window washing on skyscrapers, windmill blade cleaning, spray painting, graffiti removal, and the spraying of toxic chemicals. The potential applications of the Apellix system are almost endless.

Registration for the conference is still open; more information can be found here.

For more information on Apellix and its products, email us at info (at) apellix (dot) com.

About Apellix

Apellix, an early-stage software company based in Jacksonville, Florida, develops custom bespoke industrial solutions based on our aerial robotics platform. Our patented software and sensor arrays control precision flight to perform a wide range of tasks currently too expensive or too dangerous to otherwise perform. Video examples of Apellix drones at work can be seen here.