Tello EDU Available at Eduporium

DJI is, of course, one of the world’s leaders when it comes to drones. They’ve intrigued both hobbyists and STEM enthusiasts with their MAVICSPARK, and Phantom drones, but now they’ve added something new to their offerings – something that’s now available on the Eduporium store. Their brand-new Tello EDU drone is designed exclusively for use in STEM education and provides both teachers and students with a new, easy, and exciting way to learn about piloting – and programming!

Tello EDU is an all-in-one system that truly empowers students to take flight as they use intuitive programs they create to control all of its aerial movements. Thanks to its compact size, Tello EDU is perfect for indoor or classroom use and provides the best combination of power and affordability for a programmable drone. It can also be used outdoors if there is no wind in the area.

Using a tablet and the Tello or Tello EDU app, students can control and simulate flights, create programs in the Scratch, Swift, or Python languages for controlling the drones’ maneuvers, and even program a swarm of up to four drones to fly together. Right now, to celebrate the addition of the Tello EDU to their store, Eduporium is running a special promotion during which educators can get TWO Tello EDU drones for $210 (normally $129 each)!

Each customer is limited to one group of two drones at this promotional price. You can purchase additional units from Eduporium at the regular price if you wish. Tello EDU drones are also available on the Eduporium site in classroom packs of five, 10, or 20 units, which include accessories, like extra batteries and chargers, to enable more flying time. 

Each Tello EDU drone comes complete with DJI’s flight control technology and supports Electronic Image Stabilization. For more advanced programming, students can try DJI’s Mission Pads to increase the precision of their programming. Using the drone’s camera and the Tello or Tello EDU app, students can also shoot photo and video and explore more advanced STEM concepts, like AI functions, object recognition, 3D reconstruction, and more!

Each Tello EDU kit comes with the drone, a battery, a micro USB cable for charging, extra propellers, propeller guards, Mission Pads, and propeller removal tools. Depending on the size of the kit, there will be more of each of these components within it. Eduporium is very excited about the addition of this new drone to their offerings and want to give educators the chance to experience it in the classroom! To learn more about Tello EDU or to purchase it from the Eduporium store, click here.

If you have any questions about the Tello EDU drone or the different bundles, please do not hesitate to reach out to Eduporium! You can send them an email to or contact them on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook!