Announcing the DBUS2 – First Consumer Drone with Navigation Powered Solely by VIO

Imagine if drones could see on their own, finding their way without human intervention.

They can with a new technology called VIO (visual inertial odometry). Introducing a consumer drone that navigates solely by VIO—the DBUS2.

It’s a highly advanced, highly capable aircraft with a 4K camera, follow-me and autoflight functions that slips easily into a pocket or kit bag.

VIO uses a camera optimized for odometry, inertial motion sensors and sophisticated software to recognize object shapes and determine where the drone is in relation to its environment.

VIO holds tremendous promise for autonomous flight. If drones could see things like a safe path among buildings, optimum landing spots, and how to navigate without GPS inside structures, they wouldn’t need human intervention for every minute of flight and they could take on a lot more tasks.

The DBUS2 is strictly for fun, but we believe VIO technology will become integral to most drone flight. 

We’re Drones by US. We source, market and sell ultra high-performance small unmanned aircraft systems for work and play. DBUS2 is our first product.

The DBUS2 is available now for $389.95 and includes two Intelligent Flight Batteries, an extra set of propellers, and a charger. Sales are limited to U.S.-based customers.