Drone Startup Up Sonder Opens Investment to Its Drone Operators

By partnering with investment platform Republic, Up Sonder becomes the first drone services company to make it possible for its drone pilots and enthusiasts to own equity in the company.

(Los Angeles, CA)–Drone services company Up Sonder continues its mission to democratize drones by partnering with investment platform Republic (an offshoot of AngelList) to make it possible for its pilots, members, and the general public to invest in the company. Up Sonder has already successfully raised over 340% of its minimum funding goal and still has over a month left to raise funds.

“From the very beginning, Up Sonder’s goal has been to serve our community first. We give our drone pilots more control than any other platform and believe that everyone should benefit from the drone revolution,” Derek Waleko Up Sonder’s CEO and Co-Founder said.

Up Sonder listed with the Republic because it is one of the few investment platforms to capitalize on SEC rules changes in 2016 that allow for non-accredited investors (the vast majority of Americans) to invest in startups legally and safely. Before, only accredited investors, those with millions of net worth or hundreds of thousands in annual income, could invest in startups. Up Sonder is currently offering open investment on Republic for as little as $100.

Please visit Up Sonder’s pitch page on Republic (https://republic.co/up-sonder) to find out more about Up Sonder’s vision, terms of the deal, and links to how this equity crowdfunding works.

“We invite you to take this opportunity to stake your claim in a drone future by investing in Up Sonder. Visit our Republic page for deal terms, our SEC filing and to learn more about our vision for the future. Invest today!” Waleko said.

About Up Sonder: Up Sonder is a drone startup that provides drone services to businesses around the country ranging from local real estate agents to major energy companies. Its vision is to be a one-stop solution for drone services—which Goldman Sachs estimates will be worth $13 billion by 2020. Visit Up Sonder website at www.upsonder.com

● Up Sonder’s mission is to provide easy access to drone services both now with a network of humans pilots and in the future with autonomous drones management.

Up Sonder’s marketplace 1.0 went live in March of 2017 and the company worked with award-winning real estate companies like Lamerica and some of the biggest companies in the world like ConocoPhillips.

● Up Sonder has been featured on Sony Television’s Meet the Drapers, ZDNet, Tech.co, and Rotor Drone Magazine.