Drone Solutions Launches 24/7 Unmanned Search & Rescue

Singapore, April 23, 2019: Drone Solution Services Pte Ltd officially announced the commencement of its 24/7 Unmanned Search & Rescue Services at the Unmanned Systems Asia 2019 Exposition recently held at the Changi Exposition Centre in Singapore.

24/7 Unmanned Search & Rescue Services

Drone Solutions is introducing innovative Unmanned Search and Rescue (“USAR”) techniques, programs and services from its operational base in Singapore to cover the Ring of Fire where earthquakes, floods, volcano, cyclones and tsunamis occur daily; in the not too distant future coverage will be extended to also include Korea and Japan.

When a disaster occurs response success is measured in days, with a response time of 3 days (72 hours) being considered a successful response; Drone Solutions does not prescribe to this outdated adage, its application of innovative drone technology will “turn the clock back” such that the norm will diminish to not more than 24 hours.

Drone Solutions typical first USAR response will not only be credible, but on site in less than 1 hour of the occurrence of the calamity, offering surveillance, mapping and broadcasting live situational awareness to its Command & Control Center for as long as necessary, whilst its second wave of autonomous assets are deployed to arrive on scene.

These subsidiary USAR assets provide the much needed infrastructure and lifesaving resources at the disaster site, commencing with providing aid providers with on-site communications ability, live survivor search & identification capability and facilitating airdrops of water purification devices, medication and other critical need equipment.

The Service is a subscription based 24/7 Scramble Response service akin to “Call 911” which is being offered on a non-discriminatory basis to Nation States, Governmental, Non-Governmental, Charitable & Humanitarian Organizations, Multinationals and Defense & Military Forces operating in the greater ASEAN + 2 Region.

About Drone Solutions Drone Solution Services Pte Ltd is a privately-held Singapore company engaged in researching, designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, licensing and patenting proprietary intellectual property rights related to Unmanned Systems Technology (“UST”) products.

The Company was formed with an undertaking to facilitate the improved scientific development of UST’s with a vision to make drone technology universally available and accessible to society at large as well as in the commercial arena; and to promote the widespread use, acceptance, and integration of drone technology for humanitarian aid usage and for the overall betterment of the general public.

Drone Solutions is in a constant pursuit of excellence through technological innovation and novelty enabling it to provide bespoke and advanced state-of-the-art unmanned aerial systems (“UAS”), unmanned underwater vehicles (“UUV”), unmanned surface vehicles (“USV”) and unmanned ground vehicles (“UGV”) solutions across a diverse range of segments.