Sky Power GmbH opens US subsidiary

The German UAS-engine manufacturer opens a subsidiary in the US to expand their business. The Sky Power America LCC located in Colorado, will focus on all market matters in the Americas.

“We are thrilled to be able to announce the incorporation of Sky Power America just before the Xponential 2019,” states Constantin Diehl, responsible for the distribution of Sky Power in this sales region. Diehl will be heading the new organization as its MD. Since spring 2018 Diehl has overseen the distribution in the Americas. “Due to the different time zones to Germany it is difficult to handle inquiries from this continent appropriately. Therefore, it was easy to decide for the subsidiary in the US,” Diehl explains.  

Sky Power America will foremost focus on distribution. “To open a subsidiary in the US shows we take the American markets very seriously and thrive to establish good relationships with our costumers and stakeholders. Therefore, we need the best structure, especially focusing on project management,” according to Karl Schudt, MD of Sky Power GmbH, Germany.


Sky Power GmbH is a leading manufacturer of 2-stroke combustion- and Wankel engines for UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) and hybrid applications. Besides in-house development and manufacturing, Sky Power produces all engines in Germany. Customer adaptations, new developments and the improved performance of the combustion engines are additional company objectives.