Sky Power introduces cost-efficient and high performing engine at Xponential 2019

The 2-cylinder engine SP-275 TS CR presented by Sky Power GmbH has been developed for affordable and high-performing applications, like drone training purposes. The carburetor of the SP-275 TS CR is located at the rear of the engine and is ideal for high speed applications among other things due to its flat design.  

„Some of our customers were asking about a simple, high-performing engine. Based on the application, the budget and the operating environment they like to forego technical complex versions, like fuel injection. Based on our customers demand we decided to develop such an engine,” states Karl Schudt. The SP-275 TS CR is depending on propeller and aircraft able to pick up high speed. Based on the engines design and performance Sky Power predicts a great variety of possible applications for UAS. “The engine is an option for all applications that need a high-performing, simple to operate and easy to maintain engine,” says Schudt.

Almost all of Sky Powers engines are equipped with two spark plugs per cylinder. This holds many benefits for the customer: the engine runs at a lower idle and the engines performance across the entire operational range is more balanced. Furthermore, in case one of the two spark plug fails the second ignition working independently ensures that the engine continues to run.