Handmade Drone Ornament

Artist Nicole Ryf is the first to admit that she knew little to nothing about drones before last fall. She says that before then, seeing drones even made her a bit apprehensive. The way they hovered and moved quickly and unpredictably would make her nervous. But, as with most things, familiarity and education can move something from a little unsettling to quite interesting. 

Things changed one day, so how did she gain an appreciation for drones? Last fall, a local drone photographer saw pictures of Nicole’s handmade clay Christmas ornaments on Etsy. He approached her to ask if she could make a drone Christmas ornament, suggesting she look at DJI Mavic or Phantom drones for the basic shape. The photographer uses drones to take aerial photos of sunsets, lighthouses and bridges. After reviewing several images of drones, Nicole agreed that she would indeed be able to craft a drone from some gray and black polymer clay. Once was satisfied with the shape of the clay drone, Nicole added the ornament to her Etsy shop called Nifty Gifty Shop. The local drone photographer ordered two drone ornaments right away. Many other drone enthusiasts also ordered ornaments for themselves and as gifts. One example of an order was a Christmas gift from a mother to her son to celebrate his drone pilot license. Nicole was thrilled that she was able to create a unique ornament that would help people give the perfect drone-themed holiday gift.

Now, Nicole looks at beautiful aerial photos with a little laugh and a new-found appreciation for the drone and the photographer.

To see Nicole’s handmade drone ornament on Etsy visit: www.etsy.com/listing/651156757 or visit the Etsy shop homepage at www.niftygiftyshop.com