The use of drones during COVID-19 crisis will be very present at UNVEX 2020

Madrid, April 20th. – UNVEX 2020 is redesigning its conference program to include the experience acquired with the use of drone during the coronavirus crisis. During these months, unmanned or autonomous systems are being used for several activities that will be exposed and analyzed from 6th to 8th of October in Santiago de Compostela.

The Security and Defense Forces are incorporating drones for surveillance purposes, especially in areas that are hard to access, equipped with cameras and speakers. Additionally, they are being used to disinfect large areas, accomplishing the disinfection of double the surface in less time and avoiding the risk of agents. 

Healthcare is also benefiting from the use of drone, as they have proven to be useful for transportation of medical supplies, sending medicine to remote locations and even being taking the citizens body temperature thanks to the technology and sensors these drones have included. Overall, they are a great ally for healthcare and security.  

Many local police departments have increased the number of drones in their units due to the sanitary crisis. Their experience will be essential to implement and improve the use these drones in Administrative activities with the final goal of serving the society, baseline of this edition of UNVEX.

The Conference Working Group is well aware of the situation and is adapting and including these topics in the conference program for the speakers and audience to debate.