The Perfect VLogging Camera and Drone Gimbal

IDOLCAM is a vlogging camera that was born from a drone.  4 years ago while working on the development of a transforming drone, the idea of a compact gimbal camera came about and now Idolcam is entering into production.  Since IDOLCAM came from a drone, it kept many of the features that are useful for drones such as a port for easy connection to an RC radio to allow long range control of the pitch and yaw axis, a video out port for long range video transmission.  

IDOLCAM also features an interchangeable lens system, so you are not locked into just one lens.  IDOLCAM’s gimbal runs on SimpleBGC, and since many drone users are already familiar with the software and may modify the settings of the gimbal to your liking and need.  You can also top or bottom mount the IDOLCAM to any drone that can carry a 250g payload to capture creative and smooth aerial 4K video/12mp photo and when you are done flying, you can detach it from the drone and vlog with it.