What Drones Can Do for Your Business During the Pandemic

Guest Post by Leon Collier

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and revolutionizing a wide range of industries and fields across the world. As nations do everything they can to manage the spread of the coronavirus disease, there comes an ever-growing demand of drone pilots who have trained and developed their skills from recognized drone schools.

In the business sector, the future is bright for drones. As we’ve witnessed recently, Amazon is using drones to deliver products to its customers. Facebook is also planning to deliver wireless connectivity to remote areas using drone technology. If your business is suffering due to this pandemic, you should consider using drone technology because the opportunities are enormous. Today, we are going to discuss the industries that will benefit the most by relying on drone technology.

Industries using drone technology

  1. Filmmaking and photography

Drones are changing the way producers make movies and photographers take pictures. Whether you are a documentary filmmaker or a wedding photographer, drones will help you see and imagine things that you never thought before.

In the past, drone technology was used to create major motion pictures outside the US most of the time due to legal restrictions. Some of the common examples include Harry Potter and Skyfall. As the demand grew, lawmakers had to amend the constitution. Therefore, you should expect to see more filmmakers and photographers using drones to entertain and produce high-quality pictures.

As a professional photographer, a drone should be your companion. Drones are being used in most events to capture special moments. While cinema and movies will always need advanced video technology, photographers who have specialized in events such as weddings should not accept being left behind. Adapting drone technology is key to their success.

  1. Marketing and media

Drones are making it possible for marketers to innovate and develop content that informs the public accurately while improving their results. As video content grows in demand, agencies are being pressurized to provide entertaining and compelling media marketing. Drone technology can help marketing agencies in showcasing both small and big businesses with high-quality videos and a fresh perspective.

Experts in the media sector are starting to see the advantages of drone technology especially in covering new stories and events. Drones can capture events as they unfold without reporters risking their lives and distractions.

  1. Farming and agricultural research

The farming and agricultural sector represents the greatest opportunity for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. Drones can help farmers in assessing livestock and crops, marking boundaries, and creating wide-scale fencing plans.

Farmers and research students working on agricultural farms can greatly improve the productivity of their crops and make use of drone skills that are in great demand by conducting aerial surveys. 

Since drones are less expensive than light aircraft or helicopters, their experimental use in sewing, fertilization, and pest and disease reduction is proving to be extremely effective. Research studies show that chopper mustering (using helicopters to drive cattle over a large area of land) in Australia may soon be taken over by drones at a low cost.   

In every case, drone technology is becoming a valuable asset in the agricultural sector that will help farmers save time and money in the long run.

  1. Education

As more people continue to buy and use drones publicly, so do the regulations surrounding drone technology use. This has led to the creation of more regulatory bodies that establish industry standards involving education and training.

Training organizations are using drone technology to increase their market share in the education sector by providing training services that meet the industry standards of most sectors. Experts are using drones to train physicians, firefighters, and geographers.

Apart from that, we are seeing extensive drone use in the education system. Drones are providing new information and perspectives for students in the engineering and environmental fields. This has enabled them to conduct extensive research and perform demonstrations with this technology. They are also being used at basic levels to help young children develop and improve their motor skills.

Drones and the future

The future of drone technology is brighter like never before. Since drones are here to stay, more businesses should be ready to adopt this technology.

  1. Police and security

Drone technology will be used in the future by detectives and investigative police. You will also find police officers in the station while the drones are out monitoring the streets.

Security services will also adopt drone technology to protect business centers, industrial estates, and communities. Such things have already been adopted in the military. It would be cost-effective to have drones perform all this work.

  1. Town planning

You shouldn’t be surprised to see town planners and local councils using drone technology in the future to map real estate, industrial complexes, and housing.


The future for drone technology in the business world is bright. We’ve already seen Amazon utilizing drones to deliver goods and Facebook creating ambitious plans to provide wireless internet connectivity to remote areas using drone technology. You should consider using drone technology to boot your business, especially during the pandemic.


Leon Collier is a blogger and essay writer from the UK, who loves to write about everything: pop-culture, history, travel, self-development, education, marketing. When not writing, you can find him behind a reading or playing tabletop games with his friends. Follow him on Twitter @LeonCollier12

Image:Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash