The 6 Top Podcasts For Drone Enthusiasts

As the potential for drones grows year on year, so does the number of drone specific podcasts available. With more industries and niches discovering what drones can do for business, and more people learning to enjoy drones for recreational use, there are podcasts that cater to everyone too.

Choosing which podcast suits your drone interests can mean hours of trawling through different shows to find a fit. To save you the trouble, here are some of the top recommended podcasts currently available for drone enthusiasts.

The Podcast For Drone Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

The Drone Trainer Podcast – available on multiple platforms.

For anyone starting or running their own drone business, Drone Trainer, Chris Anderson has a lot of knowledge to share, as do the business owners that he interviews each week. This podcast is an absolute must for tips on how to market your drone business, how to network and more. 

The Drone Trainer podcast consistently receives 5-star ratings from its listeners for its “invaluable content” and “industry knowledge. As well as weekly interviews, there are training courses and free resources available, such as a free drone log book and free aviation weather cheatsheet. If that’s not enough for you, join the Monday Drone Mastermind Group to learn from handpicked drone business professionals.

The Podcast For FPV Drone Racing Pilots and Enthusiasts

Quad Talk FPV Drone Podcast  – available on Apple podcasts and Tunein.

Broadcasting since 2016, Trace VanGorde,n aka Von Quad, and Cody Matson, aka Code Red, host weekly interviews with pilots and FPV racing champions and technical discussions that will appeal to all FPV racing fans.  Episodes cover everything from events and gear to the hosts’ experiences racing and flying with the likes of the Redbull Airforce. 

“The enthusiasm that Code Red and Von Quad have for FPV quads can not be matched. They bring so much energy to the sport and are respected for their drone know-how,” says, Karl Martin a tech journalist at Assignment Help and Urgent Assignments.

The Podcast For Drone Experts and Industry Insights

Commercial Drones FM Podcast – available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify.

For drone experts looking to hear from other thought leaders, doers, and entrepreneurs, then this is the podcast for you. In each 30 minute episode, host and creator Ian Smith interviews experts from the likes of Forbes, The Verge, The U.S. Department of the Interior and more.  Topics include heavy lift drones, how the LA Fire Department utilise drones and everything you need to know about drone insurance. The host himself has worked in aviation for more than 13 years and is an FAA-certified commercial helicopter pilot, flight instructor, drone operator, and aerial photographer. 

The Podcast For Drone Fans Needing A Daily Dose

Ask Drone U – available on multiple platforms. 

One of the few drone podcasts available with daily episodes, Ask Drone U is an interactive podcast hosted by Paul Aitken Founder and Chief Pilot. The podcast is part of the Ask Drone U Flight School and features technical and informative topics in every episode. Listeners can submit questions for the podcast via the website and have them answered by the host and guests. Popular episodes include ‘Is the DJI Spark a good drone?’ and ‘How to market your drone business

The Podcast For Women Drone Enthusiasts

Women And Drones Podcast – available on multiple platforms.

This podcast was set up to raise the profile of women in the UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) Industry. Each episode features an interview with one of the leading women of the industry or a related success story. To date, interviews have included Boeing 737 and remote pilot Tracy Lamb and Lyela Mutisya who is using drones to benefit struggling coffee farmers in Africa.

“Women and Drones gives a voice to the women who are driving change in the industry and innovating drone use,” says, Davina Woodward a drone blogger at Oxessays and State Of Writing

The Podcast For Lighthearted But Dedicated Drone Fans

Let’s Drone Out Podcast – available on Youtube every Thursday at 8 pm UK and Worldwide.

For anyone looking for a more laid back drone podcast, then Let’s Drone Out is a good choice. The show is recorded live and is interactive, making it one of the few drone podcasts were listeners can get involved in real-time. The tone is light but the shows are still informative and insightful. Podcast guests include everyone form FPV racers to legal experts and more. 

Katherine Rundell is an editor at Write My Paper and Thesis Writing Service and an FPV racing fan. She is also a writer at Dissertation Writing service.