5 Tips On Vacationing With Drones

Guest Post by Kristin Herman

With the growing popularity of drones comes the need to bring it along on one’s travels. Yes, what better way to document one’s adventures than capturing the best possible footage when travelling? What better way to please the photographer and travel writer than them documenting their adventures with a convenient eye-in-the-sky? What better way to capture photos and videos than with a modern device that’s seen as both a toy and a tool? 

A great idea, yes. However, with drones becoming a travel staple, and helping people navigate through terrains, jungles, highways, etc., there are still rules to abide by, when travelling with these gadgets. Therefore, here are five helpful tips on vacationing with your drone:

  1. Bring Accessories

First, what’s a drone without the accessories?

“Drones tend to have a battery life of around 20 minutes,” says Maya Chinner, a lifestyle blogger at UK Services reviews and Best Australian writers. “So, you have to carry extra batteries for when you’re traveling. Your phone – which acts a controller for your drone – should also have a power pack or charger with you, when you travel.”

You should also invest in a travel case and a fireproof bag (i.e. LiPo bag), so that you can store and transport your batteries. 

“Also, load up your phone with useful apps that can provide information on where you can or can’t fly,” adds Chinner. “Some apps let you see no-fly zone maps that can help you avoid flying in areas that are prohibited.”

  1. Educate Yourself On Drone Laws

As mentioned before, drones are becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to travelling. But with that said, local and government rules and regulations are being set in place to try and curb unintentional (or criminal) drone activities that can violate privacy and or property. 

You may want to consider the drone laws in your country, as well as that of other countries (should you travel internationally). As you educate yourself with drone laws, it’s your job to abide by these rules, so that you won’t run into trouble, and face fines and or prison time. And, abiding by the rules prevents you from any injuries or damage. 

Also, Google for any updates and or changes to drone laws before you travel.

  1. Consider A Compact Model

Nothing takes up your patience than trying to pack your drone in your luggage. Instead of letting your drone eat too much of the space in your luggage, consider going compact. 

The best way to practice this model is to put in some practice hours before you leave. As you do so, practice packing your drone in a way that isn’t too complicated when packing and unpacking. Make sure that your drone is safely packed when you go and after you return home.

  1. Know Drone Etiquette

“Just like with anything else in public, you have to demonstrate etiquette with your drone,” says Henry O’Connor, a business writer at OX Essays and Revieweal. “You don’t want to be that person who ruins everyone’s fun at the beach by flying a noisy drone low overhead. Instead, ask permission before flying over private property (i.e. your hotel), although you should try to avoid flying in such areas. And, if anyone asks you about the drone, be polite and ask questions respectfully, because sometimes, people can view drones as something unusual and or scary.”

  1. Plan Your Flight

Just because you have a drone, doesn’t mean that you should fly it aimlessly. Therefore, you should definitely have a flight plan, which lets you capture desired footage, and reduce the chances of crashing the drone in any area. As you plan your flight, keep in mind the following things that you need to stay clear of:

  • Any large objects or buildings
  • Trees
  • Power lines

Also, keep in mind magnetic interference when flying your drone. Magnetic interference occurs when radio signals interfere with drone communications. To avoid this interference, fly far away from any large antennae or industrial areas. Instead, fly your drone in a wide-open space, so you can recover from any lost signal. 

Apps like Google Earth and the Photopills (Android / iOS) are great for planning drone flights.


As you keep in mind these five helpful tips, you can safely enjoy flying your drone, while on vacation. It’s a lot of fun to fly a drone and enjoy yourself as you travel! 

Happy travels!

About the Author

Kristin Herman writes and edits at Write my Australia and Australian reviewer. She also contributes for online magazine like Simple Grad. As a tech enthusiast, she blogs about the latest trends in technology. And, as a project manager, she has overseen many technical projects nationwide.