Atlas Dynamics Expands Capabilities to Propriety Payloads with the Formation of its New Optics Division and the Introduction of 4K Sensors

Bristol (August 11, 2020) – Atlas Dynamics, a global leader in autonomous unmanned aerial systems (UAS), announced it is launching its brand new 4K sensor; the company’s first payload to be fully designed in-house, from the sensor level, in the company’s new EU-based optics design facility.  

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Atlas Dynamics’ KALOS 4K Payload with 3-Axis Gimbal

This proprietary payload represents the company’s sensor design capabilities and the launched of its EU-based optics division that can take a “raw” sensor and integrate it with zoom lenses, a dedicated in-house designed chip, and proprietary processing software that enables the operation of digital zoom, auto balance, focus, color adjustment, and image alignment. Atlas’ unique module is then enclosed in IP53 weather resistant chassis and connected to the company’s proprietary 3-axis gimbal which prevents image frictions in extreme weather and wind conditions. 

The outcome is the “KALOS 35”; a 4K sensor with 12.7 mega pixel and 3.5X optical zoom performance, that weighs a mare 190g and can be used for security, search and rescue (SAR) missions and 3D mapping. 

“We are proud of our team that overcame another significant technological barrier to provide our users with the best UAS solution; in-house sensors coupled with advanced AI features and the most competitive pricing in the industry” said Ivan Tolchinsky, CEO & Founder at Atlas. “Advanced, small payloads represent a market shift and an industry maturity; both technological maturity for companies, as well as operational maturity of our users who knows what they want, ask for it, and are realize these increased capabilities to achieve mission objectives that were not previously possible.”

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The KALOS4K Sensor During Arctic Testing

Atlas has full internal design and manufacturing capabilities across its value chain: aerodynamics, carbon fiber, smart BMS batteries, user-interface and control, artificial intelligence, and MESH communication. “Controlling the design and manufacturing is one of Atlas’ core values, that enables us to not only lead in technology and ease of use, but also in cost-effectiveness and flexibility to address our users’ changing needs” said Tolchinsky. 

Recently Atlas released a video of a Beluga whale rescue by NPAID Midt-Troms in the Norway that was taken with the new KALOS 4K Payload: 

NPAID Midt-Troms’ Beluga Whale Search Operation, Done Using an AtlasPRO and KALOS 4K Payload

Later this year, Atlas plans to reveal additional in-house sensors that, according to Tolchinsky, “will disrupt the unmanned aerial industry, offering new capabilities for security and public safety”.


Atlas Dynamics is a world-leading aerospace a company that is redefining the unmanned industry with aerial “Man-Unmanned Teaming”: smart, connected and cost-effective unmanned aerial systems that operates autonomously and providing critical information to the forces on the ground. Atlas’ proprietary and award-winning multi-point communication technology, AtlasMESH, enhanced with artificial intelligence, enabling operation of drone fleets, that result in smart mission distribution, flight optimization, and data understanding, that is being distributed to the entire team in real-time, require them for last “screen time”. The company designs and manufactures its product in the EU and provides its technology to leading NATO governments, first responders, and multinational corporations in the fields of security, safety and industrial applications.