Aerial Photography | The Art of Drones

The drone is a new technological addition in many industries. Recently, more people use it for aerial photography both for personal and business use. Drones are more useful as more people have realised their numerous benefits.

Pictures can say a thousand words. Creating a stunning image is powerful. So, taking pictures with drones can create stunning images. Aerial photography with drones is fantastic, but what makes the images from above more special? Here are the benefits of aerial photos and how they can open your eyes to new perspectives of land, building and construction.


The impact of aerial images has transformed the land, architecture and the construction industry. The construction industry is competitive, making more companies to jump on the opportunities that come with using drones for efficient jobs.

 Estate agent using drones have a competitive advantage over the others in the industry. Some companies still inspect their site in traditional ways which may require visiting the site daily, weekly or monthly and analysing job site.  Risks are also associated with the conventional method. 

Incorporating drones technology will eliminate the cost of visiting the site daily. It’s also a faster way to inspect the construction site accurately and faster when compared to the traditional way.

Sale Tools

Aerial images can be used in a way to appeal to prospective buyers or clients over your competitors. By providing good aerial pictures of your property, your potential buyers will have a clear idea of the size of the property, driveway, size of the garden and outdoor spaces. Your sales can increase if you add aerial images in your marketing methods.

Capture Accurate Footage

The incorporation of drones has eliminated the stress of hiring a helicopter or plane to capture footage that cannot be shot by an ordinary camera, or on foot. One of the benefits of using drones is it allows you to capture aerial images that are out of bounds. It provides quality and accurate images from above.

Monitor Progress

Drones can help monitor progress on construction sites. It provides a visual image of how the project is going or if work is complete. Construction is time-consuming. With drones, it will eliminate the uncertainty that comes with communicating to prospective clients about the progress of the project.

Clear Communication

Clear communication is Key in any industry. During the construction of the building, different contractors participate in various stages of the project. Weather changes, site condition changes, and more changes happen during the process. Aerial images will provide the whole team with a valuable perspective. The site supervisors can check the drone map to access the site and ensure that there are no potential threats to health, no drainage problems or any other issues. The supervisors can then communicate with the team members about any site issues noticed, and then they can plan on how to resolve it.

To keep the schedule on track and improve your project efficiency, you should incorporate aerial imagery and drone.