5 Reasons to use Drones in the Teaching Process

Drones have gained massive popularity among many technologies and flight enthusiasts. These devices have shown that they aren’t just useful for taking cute aerial photos. They have proved their value in areas like rescue missions, data gathering, and even things as simple as delivering groceries during these COVID times. 

It is no surprise then that as drones become more budget-friendly and accessible. Schools have also taken a keen interest in using them in their teaching processes.

This article covers five of the top reasons you should hop on the drone trend and use it in your teaching process. 

Five reasons to use drones for school programs. 

1) Drones have massive applicability in STEAM

Drones have improved many areas, but one key area that has been massively enhanced by drone technology is Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

There are a ton of benefits of teaching children science courses through active learning. By incorporating drones in your schools programs that are STEM-focused, you drive the knowledge of Maths, Physics, Geography, etc. that you might be trying to pass across to the kids. 

Here is an example;

Drones are run by program codes that command them and tell them what to do. If you teach your class programming, you can incorporate this knowledge to show how application programs work.

Using this method of teaching, you will notice that students are more engaged in the topic and learn technical skills in a fun way. 

Likewise, suppose you are teaching your class practical maths or physics application. You can use drones as an example of how ratios, unit rates, measuring distance, etc. work in real-world applications. 

2) Using drones in teaching can help students develop soft skills.

We cannot overlook the importance of soft skills in the work environment. Schools now carry out activities that could teach kids how to use soft skills in their professional future. Soft skills like communication, teamwork, empathy, etc. are not easy to teach. This is where drones come in. 

You can use drones as part of team projects. Team projects that require kids to work together to achieve a common goal. Using drones to view them from above allows them to visualize how they look from an outside perspective.

Because drones capture images and actions from up high, giving off an effect of something more. So, your students can see themselves as part of something bigger when they see themselves captured from above. 

3) Using drones in schools can help engage students to grasp fundamental concepts with ease. 

Another reason why drones for school programs are encouraged is that they are cool. It is as simple as that but vital. 

When using drones to educate kids, even students who aren’t usually interested in participating in school activities want to join in. 

Engaging these kids is the first step. But, teaching them fundamental concepts as they apply in real-world problems will go a long way in helping them academically. 

For example, with drones, you can teach students how to master hand-eye coordination by learning stick movement with a training drone.

You can also teach these kids concepts in Maths (e.g., distance and time), a concept in aerodynamics(e.g., ESC, flight controller, and propellers). 

Using drones as a teaching technique will help these kids learn fundamental concepts. 

4) Drones can help students improve their fitness and sports performance

Encourage inactive kids to participate in sports and other fitness activities with drones. 

If you are a P.E teacher, you will find value in using drones to teach your students lessons in strategies that could help them improve while playing a sport.

Sports like football, basketball, and even baseball have a lot of winning strategies great players master. Film your kids while they play any game. Then have them sit down to watch the video. They will critique their movements, posture, techniques, and strategy execution.

This will help them improve their skills faster, with little to no direction from you. This works because they can see themselves clearly and see what they did right or wrong.

Also, as a coach, you can give feedback to students while they watch the videos.

5) Drones help in teaching kids English

Using drones to teach is not only about showing kids applicability in real-world situations, but it can also be about inspiring kids. 

During an English lesson, you can have your students take pictures of places that inspire them, and then write essays based on the pictures. 

In conclusion

Although we cannot overstate the applicability of drones in schools, we understand that introducing new technology into your teaching process can sometimes be intimidating. But, once you see the outcome of introducing drones in your school program, you will fully embrace it.

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