IQ Releases the Vertiq 6806: Integrated Motor & ESC for Large Multirotors

IQ Motion Control is excited to announce the launch of their latest motor module, the Vertiq 6806. These integrated motors and ESCs are designed for high performance commercial UAV applications. The combination of IQ’s unique hardware design and proprietary software allows IQ motors to maximize torque output, efficiency, and precision, while minimizing motor vibration, cost, and footprint. The alpha version of the Vertiq 6806 module is already 6% more efficient than leading ESC / motor combinations using FOC. Additionally, with IQ’s closed-loop motor control technology, UAVs will be able to change directions, stabilize, and brake 4x faster.

Keeping operators and civilians safe is an important step in the widespread adoption of UAVs. So, IQ is working to increase the safety and reliability of commercial UAVs through several unique features. IQ ESCs are capable of doing CAN / PWM communication redundancy. Furthermore, one of the biggest advantages the Vertiq 6806 has over competitive solutions is its ability to report a wide range of motor data. This advanced telemetry gives users the opportunity to monitor motor performance during operation and use the data for preventative maintenance.

Lastly, IQ motors can spin slowly, which is an ideal feature for safe arming procedures. In other words, IQ modules will let a person who is interacting with a vehicle know that it’s ready to take off without spinning the props up to a speed that would cause injury. IQ works with commercial partners to implement these features on their flight controller.

IQ tested their prototype Vertiq 6806s with BFD Systems, a UAV solution provider that builds large industrial multirotors for heavy lift payloads and long endurance flights. The initial tests went well and further improvements will be made before shipping the production versions.