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What Drone Technology Can Contribute To The Warehousing Industry

Guest Post by Angelo Castelda

Warehouses’ testing of drones to carry sensors and go around their facility to assist their inventory is nearing a decade. These tests are done to assess what drone technology can contribute to the warehousing industry. It is a technological innovation that has been long targeted for supply chain use. 

These unmanned aerial vehicles’– or UAV, support of other technologies utilized for supply chain management is considered as one of it’s best assets. Warehouse owners who aim to advance their inventory process are looking at what drones can do for them. What follows are the possible contributions drones can give the warehousing industry.

Movement of small items

For businesses that sell small products, drones fit the bill. Drones can move small items quicker, which in turn lessens the need for forklifts. Now you can shift the focus of your forklift operators to heavier or items ordered in bulk. Quicker movement of small items also contributes to expediting order fulfillment.

Address labor shortages and expenses

Using drone technology also helps companies that are experiencing shortages in their workforce. The idea of integrating new technology in the warehouse process is to redirect people by getting the technology to do their work for them. Drones can give fewer labor costs and expenses by removing the need for humans to do the boring inventory. The lesser cost that a warehouse for sale can surely benefit from.

Improves inventory tracking

It was found in a test done back in 2017 that drones can read RFID tags from a distance of ten meters, with an average error of only 19 centimeters. An accurate finding, given the distance. Drone technology can aid in pinpointing misplaced items in the inventory. You can see that despite its limitations, drones have their perks.

In lieu of this, drone technology offers a fully autonomous strategy using UAVs when it comes to scanning RFID tags and QR codes for a steadier option in doing inventory.

Lessen excess items

Experts found out that 90% of a company’s inventory remains stationary in inventory. Plus, companies face the trouble of where the excess items are located and identifying them. With the use of drone tech, warehouses can now track and identify these items. This will cut down inventory expenses significantly.

Enhance security and safety

Aside from inventory, drones can also improve the safety and security around the warehouse. Drones equipped with a camera can fly to blind spots that your security cameras cannot reach. You can utilize UAVs for your safety and security inspections so your staff does not have to walk around the facility.

These reasons alone leave no doubt that drones are the most viable automated option in terms of advancing the warehousing industry. Experience the future of warehouse automation and test the capabilities of this technology.

Author Bio:

Angelo Castelda works as a contributor for a news magazine in Asia. On his free days, he likes to read books about the logistics industry and warehouse management. He also gets frequently invited to schools and universities to hold talks about the supply chain system and warehouse operations.

*Cover image source: Pexels