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Altitude University – Part 107 Commercial Drone License Course

Altitude University

The Online Part 107 Prep Course includes more than 120 lesson objectives. Practice exams with questions from real FAA tests are also invaluable.

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For anyone planning to use a drone for commercial purposes, a Remote Pilot License is required. But the FAA Part 107 knowledge test is not something you can hope to pass just by winging it. 

To become a certified drone pilot, you need to learn a whole bunch of information related to airport operations, sectional charts, and more.

The fastest, most painless way to learn this information by far is by taking a course.

This course includes:

  • On-demand, downloadable instructional videos
  • Unit quizzes and flashcards
  • 5 unique practice exams with over 250 real FAA questions
  • Mobile and off-line access to lessons
  • Audio-only access to videos
  • Lifetime access to all materials
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Access to private Facebook group for learning support
  • 1st time pass guarantee with full course refund if you don’t pass

The Course

The Part 107 course from Altitude University gives you all the information you need to know to pass the FAA knowledge exam. 

Lessons include instructional videos with the full transcript of the video following. All videos are downloadable to access offline. The course is also accessible on mobile devices by downloading the Altitude University app. 

Video lessons are interspersed with recorded Live Facebook Q&A sessions to learn from the questions of others. 

Each module also has flashcards and a quiz to reinforce your learning and test your memory of what you’ve learned. 

What You’ll Learn

  • An overview of all of the Part 107 regulations for drone operations, including the updated Remote ID requirements.
  • Recommended maintenance and inspection protocols for your equipment. 
  • The updated Night Operations requirements, as well as regulations for operations over people and moving vehicles.
  • Basics of weather theory and how to decipher standardized weather service reports such as METAR and TAF.
  • An overview of airspace classification and special use airspaces and how to determine if you need airspace authorization.
  • How to read sectional charts to identify airspace and other relevant information for safe drone operations. 
  • Loading and Performance for fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft.
  • Basics of airport operations, including how to read NOTAMs and chart supplements, and where to find airport weather information.
  • How to decipher radio communications and where to tune in to hear air traffic and airport radio communication. 
  • How to employ Aeronautical Decision Making procedures to make safe decisions for your drone flights.
  • Physiological factors that can impact your drone operations and how to utilize good risk management practices for safer flights. 

Additional study resources

Other study resources include: 

  • Cram sheet of key information to review before test day
  • Flashcards built in to each module
  • Audio-only access to all lessons and flashcards
  • Mobile app to watch or listen to lessons on the go
  • Recordings of Live Q&A sessions on several of the course module topics

This material in this course is slightly condensed compared to some other Part 107 prep courses available.

If you’re wanting to be ready for the exam in 1-2 weeks, it’s totally doable with this course. Plan on 1-2 hours of study time per day to get through all the material in under 2 weeks. 

Learning support

For those who learn best with classroom support, you have access to the Altitude University Private Facebook Group.

Here you can ask questions on things that have got you stumped, or help other fellow learners figure things out together. 

Bonus materials

On top of everything that you’ll learn related to the FAA knowledge test, the Pilot Institute course includes bonus videos:

  • How to register your drone commercially
  • How to find a testing center and schedule your exam
  • How to apply for your Certificate
  • How to keep your certification current
  • How to apply for LAANC or other airspace authorizations

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to pass the Part 107 knowledge test
  • Drone pilots who want to use their drone for commercial purposes
  • Learners who want a streamlined process of learning vital information without having to piece it all together from various sources
  • Visual and auditory learners who benefit from seeing and hearing concepts explained rather than relying on reading-based learning
  • Pilots who want a slightly condensed version of the material to learn at a faster pace, for less than you will pay with other courses.