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Altitude University: Is It Worth It? (For Beginners) 

Variety is the spice of life, which is why you’re still to this point weighing your online drone school options. You came across Altitude University’s website the other day and your interest is certainly piqued. Is this online drone school worth it?

Altitude University is certainly a worthwhile resource for learning drone tactics and earning your Part 107 commercial drone pilot license. The founder behind Altitude University can even teach you all you need to know about drone video editing in a two-week crash course.

Part 107 Test Prep Course - Altitude University

The Online Part 107 Prep Course includes more than 120 lesson objectives. Practice exams with questions from real FAA tests are also invaluable.

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If you’re tantalized by the offerings available at Altitude University, this is the guide for you. Ahead, we’ll discuss the background of Altitude University, the variety of courses you can take, what the services cost, and what other reviewers are saying. Make sure you keep reading! 

What is Altitude University? Who’s the founder?

Are you hoping to pass your Part 107 exam the first time around? The Federal Aviation Administration or FAA mandates that you have a Part 107 license to fly a drone commercially. Since it’s not free to take the test, retesting if you fail the first time around isn’t fun.

Altitude University can help you pass with their renowned Part 107 course. If you’re interested in learning the ins and outs of drone videography, be that commercially or recreationally, you can also enroll in an Altitude University course to improve your drone prowess. 

The founder of Altitude University is Brandon Trentalange, who is also the company’s CEO. Trentalange might be younger than some of the other online drone school founders, as he was only 23 as of 2020.

Still, don’t underestimate him! 

According to Kivo Daily, which calls Trentalange an entrepreneur, he decided to start Altitude University after recognizing the increasing popularity of UAVs. He chose to combine his passion and knowledge of drones to help others.

And help others, he has indeed. Kivo Daily mentions that, as of 2020, Altitude University has helped 3,000 aspiring commercial drone pilots earn their Part 107 licenses so they can make money from flying their UAVs. 

Trentalange has even worked personally with some of his students to assist them in finding drone-related jobs after graduating from his course and passing the FAA exam. 

What can you learn at Altitude University? 

Altitude University offers students only two courses, the Online Part 107 Prep Course, and the 14-Day Drone Pilot PRO course. This is more of a case of quality over quantity, so let’s take a closer look at what Altitude University has on the menu.  

Online Part 107 Prep Course

The bulk of Altitude University’s offerings is the Online Part 107 Prep Course. This is the class that thousands of students have enrolled in to pass the Part 107 exam. 

According to the Altitude University website, the students who enroll have a pass rate of 99 percent, which means that almost all students who take the class and then their FAA exams will earn their licenses.

That’s due to how this course is structured, no doubt. The curriculum is interactive, including text and video lectures, flashcards, and quizzes. The Altitude University team prides itself on keeping the curriculum self-paced so you can learn at a rate that feels right to you.

Even better, once you purchase the material, it’s yours for life. 

So how is the course structured? The Online Part 107 Prep Course includes more than 120 lesson objectives. All these objectives are ones that you must learn to pass the FAA exam. Practice exams with questions from real FAA tests are also invaluable. 

If 120 lesson objectives sound like a lot, don’t panic. They’re divided into eight modules that reflect the topics on the Part 107 exam. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Module 1 – Regulations and FAA Standards
  • Module 2 – UAS Weather Effects
  • Module 3 – National Airspace System
  • Module 4 – Loading and Performance
  • Module 5 – Airport Operations
  • Module 6 – Crew Resource Management
  • Module 7 – FAA Practice Exams
  • Module 8 – Certificate of Completion 

14-Day Drone Pilot PRO

The second course offered by Altitude University is the 14-Day Drone Pilot PRO course. This is the aforementioned course that promises to teach you what you need to know about drone videography in just two weeks. 

Take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the 14 days of the Drone Pilot PRO course.

  • Day 1: The Equipment – Fundamentals of Drone Equipment, The Ultimate Drone Buyers Guide, and Top 3 Drone for Beginners [Affordable Options]
  • Day 2: Drone Camera Settings – The Complete Guide to ND Filters and Camera Settings | Beginner Guide
  • Day 3: Rules and Regulations – Introduction to Airspace, Title 14 CFR Part 107, Part 107 Certification Guide, and Part 107 Test Prep
  • Day 4: Flight Proficiency – Top Drone Simulators, Intelligent Flight Modes, and Standard Flight Modes
  • Day 5: Recording Mode – Compass and Gimbal Calibration, Picture Mode, Recording Mode, Color Mode, and DJI Go App [Updates]
  • Day 6: Top Beginner Mistakes – Top 6 Biggest Mistakes | Prior to Takeoff and Top 15 Biggest Mistakes | During Flight
  • Day 7: Best Drone Apps – Top Drone Apps + Insurance | Full Breakdown, Getting Airspace Approval | Airmap, Insurance Options | Explained, and Top Drone Apps for Beginners
  • Day 8: The Capture – Intelligent Movements, Manual Drone Movements, and Top Drone Movements
  • Day 9: Best Accessories – Necessary Documentation, Necessary Accessories, and Computer Specs
  • Day 10: Intro to Video Editing – Guide to Video Editing for Beginners and Becoming a Proficient Video Editor
  • Day 11: Video Editing Workshop – Exporting a Final Video, The Must-Know Editing Techniques, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Full Editing Workflow
  • Day 12: Live Editing Sessions – Flying Session: Irvine, Editing Session: Irvine, Flying Session: Malibu, and Editing Session: Malibu
  • Day 13: Music Licensing – Music Library, Free vs. Paid Options, and Where to Find Music
  • Day 14: Marketing Yourself – Facebook Community | Share Your Work, Marketing Yourself Efficiently, and Building Your Portfolio 

What are the other features of Altitude University?

As rich and full of great information as the Altitude University courses are, that’s not all you can take advantage of as a student. Here are some other exclusive perks for members.

eBook downloads

As of this writing, Altitude University has two guides: The New Drone Pilot Guide and the Part 107 Certification Guide. Both eBooks are available for students and are produced by Brendan Trentalange. 

The New Drone Pilot Guide includes these chapters:

The Part 107 Certification Guide will fill you in on information such as:

  • What to Know for Exam
  • Recertification
  • Testing Centers
  • Where Do I Take Exam?
  • Time Allocation
  • Do I Need a License?
  • Eligibility Requirements 
  • Flying Commercially
  • Rules and Regulations

Weekly tutorial videos

When he’s not instructing students as part of the Altitude University or spending time committed to his own drone-related projects, Brandon Trentalange makes videos for his Altitude University students. 

These weekly tutorial videos are free to watch on the Altitude University YouTube channel. Here are some of the videos available to check out:

  • Get Prepared for the Perfect Aerial Shot
  • Can I Fly a Drone at Night? (New Part 107 Updates!)
  • 8 Techniques to Create the Perfect Hyperlapse
  • Flying DJI Mavic 2 Pro [Beginner Tutorial]
  • Editing DJI Mavic 2 Pro [Beginner Tutorial]
  • FAA Part 107 Study Guide [How to Read Sectional Charts]
  • [Top Drone Apps] DJI Geo Zone Website
  • [Drone Business Tip] How Much Should You Charge for Real Estate Photography?
  • [Drone Business Tip] How Do You Get Your Drone License?
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Editing Tips for TikTok
  • 10-Step Guide to the FAA Part 107 Exam
  • ALL DJI Intelligent Flight Modes EXPLAINED
  • How to Get Cinematic Shots with Your DJI Drone | Mavic Series
  • My 7 Secrets to Cinematic Drone Shots | The Ultimate Beginner Guide
  • How to Shoot Better Drone Videos with this 1 SIMPLE TIP | DJI Mavic Air 2/2S
  • Learn How to Fly a Drone | 10 Simple Practice Drills for Beginners

How much does Altitude University cost?

You have to admit, you’re certainly interested in learning about drones from Brandon Trentalange. Should you enroll in either of his courses through Altitude University, how much money would you spend?

The Online Part 107 Test Prep course costs $97. The 14-Day Drone Pilot PRO course is $97 as well. 

How is Altitude University rated?

To make an educated decision about whether you should enroll, it’s right to ask what current and past students at Altitude University have to say about their experiences. What is the verdict?

Like a few other online drone schools have done on their sites, the Altitude University website is full of reviews, all of them positive. You can’t help but feel like you’re getting only a piece of the full picture though.

Trustpilot, which is a third-party site, has 63 Altitude University reviews you can comb through at your leisure. Of those reviews, Altitude University has earned a 4.8 out of 5, which is a stellar score. 

No one rated the online drone school bad or poor, and only two percent of students rated it average. 

One of the students mentioned that the course information can be scattered across the Altitude University website, which makes it “a little hard to see a summary of the entire course,” per the Trustpilot review. 

That sounds like a valid point and something to keep in mind if you proceed with Altitude University. 

Another six percent of Trustpilot reviewers said Altitude University was great, which is the second-best rating. Some students mentioned that tougher subject material is glossed over at the same speed in which easier subject matter is. 

The excellent reviews (the majority) approved of the information in the courses, the thoroughness of the information, and of course, students loved how often they passed the FAA exam thanks to Altitude University. 

On Facebook, Altitude University has a score of 4.6 out of 5 with 18 reviews. Most of these reviews are glowing as well. 

Is Altitude University worth it?

Keeping all this in mind, is Altitude University worth it?

We would say that Altitude University most certainly is worth it.

Brandon Trentalange may be young, but he’s a drone pro. When he was in college, he helped his school do aerial surveys for eight months. This transformed the antiquated way his school had priorly been doing the same type of surveying. Communication improved, the rate of data transmitted was higher, and the surveying itself took less time.

To stay that Trentalange is inexperienced would be the understatement of the century!

You might not get a lot of course options compared to some other online drone schools, but as we said before, it’s more about quality than quantity. If you want to pass your Part 107 exam, Altitude University has a very comprehensive course that will help you do just that.

Plus, at under $100 for the course, and with discounts often available, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to learn the material on the FAA exam.

Besides all that, remember that the course material you pay for is yours for life. 

Your Part 107 license is only good for two years. Then, if you wish to continue flying drones commercially, you have to take the exam again. Having lifetime access to FAA exam test prep material is quite handy!

The drone videography course is highly valuable mostly due to Trentalange’s extensive experience and range of knowledge. DJI drones are his specialty, so if you can say the same, you’ll get a lot of useful information out of the 14-Day Drone Pilot PRO course. 


Altitude University is led by the young Brandon Trentalange, a drone guru who started the school after experiencing firsthand how drones can expedite processes like surveying. His Part 107 test prep course is what most students enroll for, but his drone videography class is also worth taking.

The rates are affordable for both courses. Trentalange also supplements the class material with his regular YouTube channel uploads and two eBooks.

If you’re eager to learn more about drone videography or get your Part 107 license without spending $200 for a course, Altitude University is for you!

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