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Keith Davis

Keith Davis is the Pilot and Owner of a small Aerial Services Company in middle Tennessee. He has been a part of the drone community since it’s inception.

Having started out as a hobbyist pilot in 2011, Keith has been a Commercial 107 Pilot now for 6yrs and has experience with many different aircraft and operating systems.

Through his company he has experience in many facets of droning and provides a variety of services ranging from Realty and Ortho mapping to Thermal assessments and everything in between. He has flown on cell towers, wind towers, power systems, homes, businesses, land parcels and much more.

He is as passionate today as he was those years ago for droning and is always seeking to further his knowledge and abilities. Having seen that potential then and wanting to be a part of creating a long lasting, safe new industry.

He has succeeded in this by flying safely and keeping informed of the changes that occur in this ever-growing industry whether it’s rules and regulation changes to the ever-changing technical advances.