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Best App for Tello Drone (Explained)

The Ryze Tello is an older but durable and fun-to-fly drone. Even in 2023, you can consider it one of the best drones you can get for less than $100.

Best App for Tello Drone

The Tello app built doesn’t quite match the durability of this drone. Ryze hasn’t updated any features or improved this app much.

You can use this drone with other apps, but which are best?

The best apps for the Ryze Tello include the Tello FPV and TelloMe.

This article will explain your options so you can choose a new app for your Tello!

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Tello FPV – Best for its features

This app does the same as the original Tello app, letting you control the drone with tactile on-screen joysticks, taking 720p video and shots, and performing automatic movements like Dronie and Circle Me.

However, Tello FPV gives you a complete set of features.

You can now check telemetric information, change camera parameters, and even set RTH failsafe functions. It’s like using the DJI Fly app but with the Tello.

How do I use this app?

Using the Tello FPV app is quite simple.

  1. Enable your Android device’s airplane mode.
  2. Enable only the Wi-Fi.
  3. Connect your mobile device to the Tello Wi-Fi network.
  4. Open the Tello FPV.

You’ll see what the Tello camera is currently viewing and notice little icons distribute on the screen.

On the lower edge, you see the Tello speed, altitude from the ground, and distance from the mobile device. Also, you’ll spot the Wi-Fi signal strength, the drone, and the mobile device battery charge.

You can use the on-screen buttons and joystick to operate the Tello. You can throttle, pitch, yaw, and roll with those sticks.

You can also connect any Android-compatible controller to use instead of the screen controls.

Once you connect the controller, tap the controller icon on the right-low side of the screen. There, you can assign functions to the controller buttons.

To take off, you have two options. Tap the takeoff button and then confirm that you want to take off. The Tello will automatically hover at a safe altitude.

Alternatively, you can move both joysticks inwards and down to start the engine, then add throttle.

Now in the air, you notice a horizontal white bar in the center and a green icon. That green icon tells how the Tello pitch and roll behave.

So it will tilt up or down when the Tello pitches up or down and rotate clockwise or counterclockwise when the Tello rolls to the right or left.

Another distinctive feature is the Cine mode. Your Tello will move very slowly to get the smoothest shoots possible when enabled. So only use this feature indoors, as the wind drags this drone easily.

You set this function by holding the green button on the left-low corner. It’s by default in Video mode, but you can also change it to Sport by tapping it once.

This app also comes with safety features.

You can use the Stop button on the screen’s top middle section. That button is there in an emergency, such as losing control. Press it, and the Tello holds its position at a safe altitude.

Lastly, we want to talk about its freestyle feature. You can access flips by tapping the three dots icon on the top-left portion of the screen. Once you enable this function, some arrows appear on the screen.

After tapping one of those, the aircraft performs the flip to the side the arrow is pointing.

Is the Tello FPV app compatible with all Android devices?

The app is light and won’t consume lots of resources. Any mid-range Android device should work.

To be 100 percent sure, you can download the demo version on the Google Play Store first. This demo lasts up to five days or ten flights, whichever occurs first.

So you have plenty of time to experience the app and understand if it fits your needs and your mobile device capabilities.

If the app meets your requirements, you can purchase the full, fairly cheap version.

TelloMe – Active Track

TelloMe allows your Tello to follow or orbit you or any target you set it to. You just press the required option, and your Tello maneuvers automatically while holding its altitude.

You can also use the Spotlight function, which keeps you in the camera view while the Tello auto throttles and pitches. You only need to worry about the roll and pitch control.

This app is a must to film yourself walking in obstacle-free areas like parks or courts.

Keep an eye on it while in high-wind weather conditions. This drone is very light and doesn’t have a GPS auto-positioning system, so it doesn’t know where it is. If winds move it, it won’t recover its position.

How do you use this app?

To use this app with your Tello, connect to the drone’s Wi-Fi and open the TelloMe app.

You’ll immediately see the Tello camera view on your mobile device screen. You can take off, start recording, maneuver the drone, and activate the Active Track modes here.

There is also a settings gear icon on the left-top portion of the screen to customize the joystick size, a low battery alarm, and a device performance test to know if our device works well, along with other key features.

How do you purchase the full TelloMe version?

You must purchase the full version to use this app’s features during video recording.

Keep in mind you can only download the demo at first. If you’re happy with this three-day free trial, you can purchase the full version as follows:

  1. Open the TelloMe app.
  2. Tap the gear icon in the left-top corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the Purchase Full Version option. You can only purchase it once you have used it for the first time.

Why is there no such app for iOS devices?

The Tello is an old drone. There isn’t an updated version coming, so developing an iOS app isn’t viable economically speaking.

Do these apps work with GPS?

Neither the Tello app, Tello FPV, nor TelloMe work with GPS. The reason is that the Tello lacks a GPS module.

You control the Tello only via Wi-Fi, so sometimes you face interference in the camera view and the controls. It has nothing to do with the apps but with a crowded Wi-Fi signal.

However, the Tello FPV comes with a vGPS function. This function collects data from the downward sensors of the Tello, the GPS, and the compass of your mobile device to give the most accurate drone location.

Once you purchase the Tello FPV, the vGPS module activates for a period. If, after using the vGPS, you notice an improvement in the drone positioning, you can buy it following the steps below:

  1. Open the Tello FPV app.
  2. Tap the three points with the three horizontal bars icon in the left-top corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Unlock vGPS, and follow the on-screen procedure to get the full service.