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Best Drone Simulators for Android (with Screenshots)

So you want to practice flying a drone, but your PC is not strong enough to handle a simulator. Well, worry not, for you can still improve your flying skills on an android device.

But not every simulator will be worth your while. So, which are the best simulators for Android?

The best simulators for android include the FPV Freerider, Quadcopter FX Simulator, RC Drone Flight Simulator, FPV SkyDive, and Multirotor SIM 2.

Please keep reading to learn more about these simulators for Android and how they work. I’ve also included some screenshots of the simulator’s gameplay.

While many Android simulators are designed like games, there are some simulators with accurate controls and physics that mimic real-life drone flight.

Below are the best ones:

1. FPV Freerider

The FPV Freerider is one of the best drone simulators for Android that you can use to practice FPV flying.

Their Google Play Store page states that the controls are difficult, but that is meant to challenge you to learn actual skills and muscle memory that you will need when flying a real FPV drone.

To give you an even more natural experience, this simulator is designed to work with a physical controller.

I have played using the touchscreen controls and the controller, and it’s better to use the controller. The touchscreen controls seemed jerky, and I could barely get a smooth flight.

The FPV Freerider Android simulator is a paid app, but you get a free demo version to test things out. You only get to fly in a desert scene in the demo version.

 It seems like they deliberately limited the features on the demo version to get you to purchase the paid versions, which include the FPV Freerider Full Version ($2) and the FPV Freerider Recharged ($5).

By paying, you unlock the island, meadow, playground, car park, and the Two Towers.

If you want access to more sceneries, the FPV Freerider Recharged comes with the Track template, Desert Ruins, H-Tower, Bando One, The Tall Bando, and the level editor.

What I like most about this simulator is that it allows you to calibrate the controller, adjust the rates, adjust the view, and adjust the trim levels, all of which you will need to know when flying real FPV drones.

You also get to choose whether to have self-leveling, which helps you learn to level the drone on your own.

Below are some screenshots of the scenes and what the controls look like.

Desert Ruins
Car Park

2. Quadcopter FX Simulator       

If you’re looking for a fully immersive experience, including goggles, then the Quadcopter FX Android simulator is worth checking out.

Now, you can’t connect your DJI goggles or any other FPV goggles, but this simulator is designed to work with Google VR headsets, and you can also control it using physical controllers. With these two setups, you will forget you are operating from an Android device.

Like the FPV Freerider simulator, this simulator is designed to teach you introductory FPV flight. The drone maintains its altitude after you take off by default, but you can make the flight more difficult as you progress.

Even though it’s a free simulator, you still get access to scenes like deserts, an old factory, open sea, and Paradise Island, and you’ll have two more drones to choose from.

You can also customize features such as control sensitivity, tilt angle, and an option to switch between Normal, Sports, 3D, and Acro Modes.

In the free version, you only practice basic movements by going through loops, finding the quadpad, and landing.

However, I was surprised that they even have wind settings where you can adjust the wind speed and direction and add a gust of wind. And when you crash, it tells you either why you crashed or which part of the drone was damaged.

To get access to more features such as Return to Home and more scenes, you will need the Pro Version, which costs less than $5.

Overall, it’s a fun simulator to practice with on the go.

3. RC Drone Flight Simulator

The RC Drone Flight Simulator comes with the simplicity of a video game but with almost-realistic physics that mimics real drones.

Once you download the app, it takes you directly to the selection of a drone, and you will be flying in a few seconds.

This simulator lacks fancy features like using a VR headset, a physical controller, or customizing the controls, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting.

You can fly different types of drones in various scenes, like an office, supermarkets, and a warehouse.

Each scene has coins that are strategically placed, testing your drone flight skills as you collect these coins. You will then use these coins to buy the other drones and scenes available on the simulator.

Once you crash, you are taken back to where you started. The drone also has a battery which you should always be mindful of as you collect the coins.

The more coins you get before the battery gets depleted, the higher your score, which helps keep the simulator interesting.

4. City Drone Flight Simulator

If you’re looking for a drone video game with real physics, you should try out the City Drone Flight Simulator.

This sim allows you to fly in cities, beaches, and many other scenes. It’s more of a video game because it has levels; each level comes with difficulty and a different scene, but you don’t get much room for customization.

You also get to choose from the more than five drones in the simulator, each of which has different characteristics.

At first, this simulator will feel quite sensitive and will take some getting used to. It becomes easier and more fun eventually as you progress through the levels.

5. Drone Racing FX Simulator – MU

Built by the same guys who gave you the Quadcopter FX Simulator and 3D Creatives, the Drone Racing FX Simulator also allows you to experience the best drone flight experience you can on an Android device.

You not only get to play freestyle on your own, but you can also use the multiplayer that allows you to compete with at least four other drone pilots.

When you’re indoors with friends and are unsure how to spend your time, this is an activity you can participate in, and you only need to pay $5 or less.

This simulator also allows you to customize the controls, build tracks, choose the mode for the screen controller, attach a physical controller, and view the gameplay through VR goggles.

6. FPV SkyDive

Having played the ORQA’s FPV SkyDive simulator on PC, I was so glad to find they also have an Android version. They state that the game is still in development, but the version available is playable and has all the features you might be looking for in an Android drone simulator.

Like in the PC version, you can connect your controller or use the touchscreen controllers.

Regarding FPV simulators, the FPV SkyDive is one of the most realistic simulators you’ll come across.

You will crash and flip a lot until you get the hang of it. If you feel like the controls are too sensitive, you can adjust the rates in the calibration section.

Currently, only three scenes are available on the simulator. They are the Racing Track, Construction Zone, and Red Valley.

If you’ve never used a drone or a controller before, you will love the training section that teaches you the basic movements of a drone and how you can combine them to accomplish more complex moves.

7. Multirotor Sim 2

This is another simulator that allows you to practice multiplayer FPV flying. Instead of other friends joining the game, you will be racing against other quadcopters within the simulator.

Everything else is designed to mimic real drone racing. The simulator lets you know when you crash, and the coins and bonuses you get when you win or as you play can help you improve or repair your drone.

There’s even a Parts Shop where you can buy frames, motors, GPS modules, batteries, gimbals, and many other accessories.

8. Drone Shadow Strike

Practicing drone flight doesn’t always have to be serious business. When you’re tired of using the controls, check out a video game like the Drone Shadow Strike.

This is for those who have always wondered what flying the US Military Global Hawk drone is like.

You don’t learn how to control it, but at least you can blow stuff up with an aerial view. But don’t get carried away. Mastering drone controls is the end goal, so ensure you get back to that as soon as possible.


And there you have it. If you really want to become good at flying drones, you need to practice every chance you get, and Android drone simulators are a good way to do that.

The controls and physics have been designed to mimic real drone flight, enabling you to develop muscle memory.

I’ve also seen some that allow you to connect a physical drone controller and a VR headset, which is a nice touch to an already good experience.