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Best Drones Under $100

Drones have become some of the most highly sought-after gadgets, and they’re quickly becoming a staple piece of technology. 

Drones, too, are excellent for capturing memorable events like weddings and graduations. These are beautiful, essential moments to most of us, but you need your phone, a camera, and a tripod to capture the moment.

It’s a hassle, though. It’s no surprise that the market today is swamped with drones of all sizes and prices. Yes, even cheap but top-quality drones!

Ryze Tello
$99.00 $80.17

What you get: RyzeTech Tello powered by DJI, 4x Propellers (Pair), Propeller Guards (Set), Battery, Micro USB Cable, Propeller Removal Tool.

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03/02/2024 12:16 am GMT

So, if you’d like to purchase one without breaking the bank, here’s a guide to the best drones under $100. 

The Wipkviey T27 is the best drone under $100 in terms of performance, battery, and style. On the other hand, the Ryze Tello is the perfect drone under $100 for beginners who are getting their first drone due to its safety features and ease of use.

The list accommodates both professional drone pilots and hobbyists and features both mini and large-sized drones to fit different preferences.

Editor's Choice
Wipkviey T27 RC Drone Quadcopter, HD Camera

T27 is magically simple, just tap the One Key Start/Landing function to start the fly.

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Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

Avoid this mistake: A buyer’s guide to the best drones under $100

As mentioned, drones are not just cool-looking gadgets, they have become sensitive pieces of technology that can be fitted into almost all fields of work. 

There are a lot of options in the market today, and while that is excellent news, it makes it hard to sieve through to find one that fits you and your needs. To help you with that, I have prepared a list of the best drones under $100 for you to choose from. 

However, affordable drones may sometimes skimp on the performance and quality. So, before getting into reading and deciding on a purchase, have a look at the buyer’s guide below to keep you informed on what to look out for.

Flight performance 

So, you want to purchase a drone? Well, you need to have a keen eye on the mentioned battery and flight performance of the drone. Check on how high the drone can fly and the battery life, too. 

Remember, longer flying hours increases your enjoyment of the pilot experience. 

I would suggest you choose a drone with a flight time that is between 10 and 20 minutes. 

It is also worth paying attention to how many batteries a drone comes with, and their capacity as this, too, contributes to its performance. 

Collision protection

Unfortunately, it is undeniable that drones are highly accident-prone. While it may be impossible to assure that your drone will not bump into obstacles and break, there are drones designed with collision protection settings and sensors. 

Additionally, some drones have propeller covers, gesture sensors, and soft landing features that prevent them from crashing when the battery runs low during flights. 

Experience level

Your experience determines which is the best drone to buy, as some are most suitable for beginners while others are best suited for experts or at least slightly experienced pilots. 

The lower your experience level the lower the cost of the drone you need is, in most cases. Why? Flying a drone has a steep learning curve. You wouldn’t want to crash an expensive drone on your first try.


You probably want to capture your memorable moments, so get a drone with a camera. Thankfully, even the cheapest drone on my list has a camera.

This allows you to take both photos and videos. Though the quality of the cheap drones may be on the low end, they can still deliver good-enough videos and photos.

However, consider those with a resolution of not less than 720 when making your purchase.

So, what are the best drones to buy for $100 or less? 

ATTOP 1080P FPV Drone


Easy to Play. Just press one button to take off/ land. Unlike the other drones, Attop drones for adults come with one key return, the drones for kids can find its way back home easily without being lost.

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03/02/2024 12:16 am GMT


  • Connects to both Android and iOS phones
  • The drone is virtual-reality enabled
  • Uses one button for both landing and flying and has a hands-free fly mode for an improved experience
  • It responds to voice commands
  • Has an emergency soft landing to avoid crashing when the battery is low


  • The drone may be a little pricey even for under $100
  • Batteries charge for around 120 minutes or more when drained

The ATTOP is a beginner-friendly remote control foldable design drone. It is one of the best drones under $100. It is 1.96 pounds and 10.71 x 8.74 x 4.09 inches while packed, has an 85 by 20 (4pcs) motor, and has a working frequency of 2.4G. 

It comes with  1080P 120°, and a 360° flip on an APP control panel for excellent high-quality, panoramic pictures plus videos. The 360-degree flip also makes it a fun flight compared to the traditional forward, backward, left, right, up, and down drone movements.

There is more! It has two rechargeable 3.7V /1100mAh lithium batteries and two modular batteries for backup that improves battery lifespan by 20 minutes. The battery settings also have a ‘low battery’ emergency landing design that displays a warning on the screen before landing. 

It is a one-button control drone. In other words, it has one button for taking off and landing with an altitude hold to stabilize it. So, when you want to take pictures and videos at high altitudes with a three-speed slide panel during video shooting to zoom through, the quality is still perfect. 

Due to the inbuilt memory GPS tracker, once loaded, there is no need to relaunch the location on the next use. Moreover, the speech control setting allows you to speak different routes to the control when flying through corners.

Since ATTOP 1080P FPV drone is VR glasses compatible, it allows you to enjoy a 3D view of the scenes you are flying.


NEHEME NH525 Foldable Drones

Just one key is all it takes to take off and to land the drone, keep it simple to control for even beginners.

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03/02/2024 02:41 am GMT


  • The foldable design includes foldable propellers for increased drone safety
  • Comes with protective guards 
  • Has a one key takeoff mode
  • Has spinning guards that prevent propellers from colliding with each other


  • The video transmission distance is only up to 50-60m

The NEHEME is a foldable drone that comes at 1.10lbs (500g) in weight, 5.1 x 2.8 x 2.2-inch folded dimensions, and 7.9 x 7.3 x 3.0-inch unfolded dimensions. 

Aside from its unique collapsable physique, it has an HD camera feature of 720p that is up to 45° adjustable. What’s more? It features a real-time FPV transmission technology to allow connection to your phone app. 

Its best selling features, I believe, are the safety guards on its four propellers. If you are looking for a drone that you and your kids can enjoy using, worry not! This is the one. It is sensor-activated to prevent collision with either you or random objects. 

Additionally, the drone has two batteries that last for up to 22-minutes of flight time at heights of 100m giving you more of a pilot experience. 

Other features include a speed adjustment setting, headless and altitude adjustment modes, plus a hand gesture sensor for video and photo-taking. Excellent for beginners! 

Lozenge HJ68

Lozenge HJ68 RC Drone with Camera for Adults 4K Quadcopter Helicopter Drones

It’s easy for you to enjoy the Drone, press One Key Takeoff/Landing to start or land. Altitude Hold will make you have a smooth flight.

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03/01/2024 08:56 pm GMT


  • Gravity sensor modes for emergency stopping and landing 
  • The drone can be folded and packed for easy traveling 
  • It holds and registers altitudes and locations of favorite scenes


  • The drone may take time to connect to your phone especially if it’s an Android

The Lozenge RC drone is a 4K dual-camera design drone that is 8.7 x 7 x 2.3 inches and 8.5 ounces. If you are a photography enthusiast, look no further. This is your perfect drone!  

The dual cameras are 120° wide with an angled front and back camera for a high-quality HD experience. A cool feature is its height and altitude lock that allows you to register a scenic location.

It also allows real-time WiFi-supported transmissions from drone to phone.

Additionally, the flight time on the drone is double — thereby, making your pilot experience more immersive. 

Similar to the majority of the drones you will see here, it is one-hand control designed. What does that mean? You can fly and land using one control feature. Interestingly, it has an altitude hold setting and 3D flip functions. 

Hilldow 1080P HD FPV RC Quadcopter

Foldable Drone with Camera for Beginners, 1080P HD FPV RC Quadcopter, Mini Drone

This rc quadcopter comes with a carrying case, and the foldable body design make it easy to store and carry for outdoor travelling.

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  • Comes with two extra propellers that are easily fitted and replaced when necessary
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to carry around due to its small size and foldable feature 
  • Features three-speed mode


  • Batteries are specially designed to charge in U.S outlets with the specified voltage 

The Hilldow foldable drone is not just one of the best drones under $100, it is also an excellent choice for a mini drone under $100. It is highly convenient for travel. Even in its small design frame, it packs excellent features. 

It is 6.89 x 5.51 x 1.57 inches in width and‎ 14.4 ounces in weight with a silver panel protection case. 

Additionally, it has three modular batteries that allow for 30 minutes of flight time and a 1080P camera that is app-controlled. If you are a beginner, this should be your best selection.  

Aomola S5 Drone

Aomola S5 Drone with Camera for adults
$36.99 $34.99

This S5 drone is user-friendly that comes with one key return, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Speed Adjustment functions and the fascinating 360° Flips & Rolls.

  • Easy to use even for complete beginners
  • Great for kids and adults alike
  • Comes with propeller guards
  • Light and easy to carry
  • You must buy the remote control batteries separately
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03/02/2024 03:32 pm GMT


  • Easy to use even for complete beginners
  • Great for kids and adults alike
  • Comes with propeller guards to keep you and the drone safe
  • Light and easy to carry


  • You must buy the remote control batteries separately 

The Aomola S5 is a user-friendly, one-key function drone that is excellent for hobbyists looking to get into drone flying. 

Some of its cool features include a 1080P HD Camera that can relay video transmissions in HD quality up to about 80m high. Thankfully, with FPV transmission, you can share content with your phone easily. 

Moreover, the flight experience is steady thanks to its altitude hold feature.

But there are more reasons for getting this drone! The S5 drone comes with ABS material protection on the propeller that prevents it from breaking. So, it won’t be a big deal if it drops or experiences any shock. 

Batteries have a capacity of 550mAH and are charged using a USB cable. The flight time is about 8 minutes before the battery low signal is sent. Brace yourself, though, it takes 120 minutes to charge fully! 

Wipkviey T26

Wipkviey T26 Drone with 1080P HD Camera for Adults

It includes three batteries total, which can be alternately charged when in use without waiting for a long charging time.

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  • Drone supports wireless charging
  • It flies for up to 40 minutes before the battery dies 
  • It is foldable and comes with a handbag for safe traveling
  • Upon taking photos and videos, it automatically transfers them to your phone. You don’t need an SD card!


  • It may take you a bit of time to understand the user manual.

Need a one size fits all drone that does not skimp on the cool features? Wipkviey T26 Drone is your perfect match. The quadcopter drone has a WiFi FPV 1080P HD Camera that takes photos at wide angles, and long-range with the real-time easy transmission of files from drone to phone when you connect to the WiFi. 

The Wipkviey drone certainly understands the importance of never missing a moment! Hence, its three lithium-based batteries not only fly for longer than the usual 20 minutes but also charge wirelessly. This is a revolutionary technology for drones! 

With a battery capacity of 1200mAH, you can continue your flight time up to 13 minutes even after the battery-low warning as it self-charges. Incredible!

Additionally, it has the coveted one key control feature for flying, landing, headless mode, and altitude hold for steady views and shots.

Better put, the Wipkviey is among the most professionally designed drones under $100. This is a great option to consider!

Wipkviey T27

Editor's Choice
Wipkviey T27 RC Drone Quadcopter, HD Camera

T27 is magically simple, just tap the One Key Start/Landing function to start the fly.

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  • Increased flight time
  • Cool light indicator features for safe flying 
  • Wireless charging 
  • Multifunctional capabilities


  • Low battery capacity — 950mAH

This is for all the videographers and cinematography fanatics. The Wipkviey T27 drone did not skimp when it comes to design. Here’s what I mean.

T27 is an upgrade from the T26 Wipkviey with upgraded features like a 360° turning – 1080P HD Camera. This not only captures images at long range but also allows you to stream a live, HD feed at up to 260ft from the scene on your phone as you fly. How cool is that!

Additionally, the T27 drone is one-tap-controlled. This makes it simple to fly, land, adjust speed and hold altitude at any range — with just the tap of a button. 

The cool wireless charge feature is also upgraded in this model. You can enjoy flights of up to 15 minutes even after receiving the battery-low warning, before charging begins. 

It comes with extra batteries, and they are easily portable — thereby, allowing you to change them at your convenience.

This, too, has a one-tap control panel that makes your flying, landing, and altitude holding simple! Thanks to the three-level speed and additional correction adjustments, plus light indicators, this drone also has enhanced safety. 

E58 Drone

E58 Drone with 1080P HD Camera for Adults

The E58 drone is equipped with a 120° Wide-angle 1080P HD Camera including adjustable angle, which captures high-quality video and clear aerial photos. 

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  • The drone is designed with simple settings for any level pilot
  • Features a 3D rotation and rolling feature for video capture 
  • Easy to use and fly
  • It is a safe and multi-functional drone


  • Strong winds may suddenly carry it away

This is another drone pilot favorite with its extended altitude stability flying capability. 

Another cool feature is its wide view, HD camera of 120° wide-angle front and back camera with 1080P clarity. The camera can accurately lock onto targets while on high altitudes. 

It takes still photos and videos. Besides, with just one tap, you can easily share them to your social media sites with its real-time FPV system connected to your phone. 

Aside from still HD shots, the camera has a special feature that allows for 3D rolling motion videos.

It also boasts one-hand flying and landing technology, emergency stop landing, and flying. The control panel also responds to altitude hold, headless mode, 3D drone flip, and 3-speed adjustment functions.  

This mini drone is foldable and comes with a special handbag for traveling. The propellers are collapsable and can easily be replaced in case of breakage. 

There is more you will love — there are two batteries with 20 minute flight time at a distance of up to 80m below 4 wind level. 


Ryze Tello
$99.00 $80.17

What you get: RyzeTech Tello powered by DJI, 4x Propellers (Pair), Propeller Guards (Set), Battery, Micro USB Cable, Propeller Removal Tool.

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03/02/2024 12:16 am GMT


  • Easy to fly for pilots at any level
  • Has automated flight mode
  • The Bluetooth remains stable even at far distances


  • Produces low-quality videos and pictures. 

Have you heard of, “The fun drone?” Here it is, the Ryze drone! 

Its design makes it one of the best mini drones and is excellent for both beginner adults and children. Also, if you are looking for a less intimidating-looking drone, this is the one. 

Here are a few reasons: It has four mini propellers that are insulated for improved safety. Additionally, the package comes with a propeller removal kit that further simplifies things for you. 

Ryze has 5MP (2592×1936) photos and HD720 videos for all your capturing moments. The camera and flight experience lasts up to 13 minutes, up to about 99 feet.

Once you have captured your moments, you can share them with friends and family via Bluetooth connection. The two antennas on the drone make the Bluetooth connection stable. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best drone for your money? 

The best drone for your money should feature excellent battery capacity, unique camera features, and accessible portability. 

Honorable mentions are the Wipkviey model drones; either the T26 or T27 models. They sport unique features that other drones within this price range lack. Worth noting is their wireless charging feature.

However, another notable mention that is worth your money is the ATTOP 1080p drone that has both a 120-degree wide-angle camera, and 360 degree flips for a fun and fulfilling flight.

These two drones are excellent picks whether you are into videography or photography. They retail at the same price range and fly at about the same duration of 39 minutes. 

What is the best drone to start with?   

The “beginner-friendly” drones are the best to start with. Why? Drones can be pretty intimidating for newbies. It is important to make sure you have gone through all the features and found that key point. 

For drones under $100, the best to start with has to be the Ryze Tech Tello. Here’s why – safety is its primary selling feature. It has insulation on its propellers and body. It is an excellent mini drone – hence, its size won’t intimidate you. Also, you can easily carry it everywhere to practice before getting into other advanced drones. 

If you are a beginner, however, you may want a more immersive experience that is still novice-friendly. In this case, the best drone to start with would be the FPV AR Quadcopter mini drone or the ATTOP 1080p drone. They too are beginner-friendly with a ton of fun features. 

What is the best drone for under 100? 

The best drone is one that checks off all the mentions on the buyer’s guide. 

With a saturated market for affordable drones, you need to consider a drone’s battery performance like how long and high it flies, plus its image and video quality. 

In my opinion, therefore, the best drone for under 100 is the T27 Wipkviey drone which not only checks all the boxes but has top-notch additional features like wireless charging.