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Can I Take My DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro on a Plane?

So you want to travel with your DJI Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro to your favorite destination. That sounds like fun, but can take your drone on a plane?

You can bring your DJI Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro on a plane. However, there are a few rules you need to observe. For instance, whether you take your drone as part of carry-on luggage or a piece of checked luggage, you must remove your drone batteries and put them on your carry-on luggage.

Further, you must adhere to your airline’s policies regarding bringing drones on the plane with you.

Keep reading to learn more about legally and safely traveling with your drone on a plane!

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Taking your drone through airport security

You may feel concerned about whether your DJI Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro will get through airport security.

The good news is that you do not have to worry about that because they will let you through. According to the United States TSA, drones can pass through airport security.

However, you must understand that other countries may have different rules. Before you depart your destination, do your due diligence to avoid unnecessary glitches.

The TSA, ICAO, customs, and airlines are relevant bodies you should contact whenever you want to learn more about taking your DJI drone on a plane.

How to carry your DJI Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro on a plane

Now that you’re sure about taking your DJI Mini 3 or Mini 3 Pro on a plane, the next question is what is the most acceptable way to carry your DJI drone on a plane?

The best way to carry your DJI Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro is in a carry-on bag to make the size of these drones manageable.

One of the reasons carrying your drone in a carry-on bag is the best approach for traveling is that you protect the drone from damage. You do not want to get to your destination only to find your drone damaged.

You should also carry your batteries separately. Put the batteries in a quality case or bag and tape their terminals to seal any loopholes for emergencies.

Carrying your drone batteries with you in the cabin helps reduce any chances of disasters. If, for instance, your DJI batteries cause a fire, it will be easy for the airline staff to contain the situation before it gets out of hand. 

The situation can be dangerous if your battery catches fire while in the cargo section.

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How many batteries can you carry with you on a plane?

Carrying extra drone batteries is the best way to ensure you have long, uninterrupted, exciting frights.

But how many spare batteries can you take for your DJI Mini 3 or Mini 3 Pro drone?

The Mini 3 Pro’s batteries are below 100Wh, which means you can carry an unlimited number of them on a plane. However, the number must be reasonable.

Again, you must ensure you package your batteries correctly in a quality bag to prevent short-circuiting.

If you’re dealing with 101-160 watt-hours per battery, the number of batteries you can carry is limited to two.

Remember that batteries are not permitted in checked luggage because they may short-circuit and cause extreme heat or fire.

Further, the FAA recommends packaging batteries in the original battery case for enhanced safety.

Important tips for traveling with your DJI drone

The good news is that you can either carry your drone in the plane with you or put it in a checked luggage bag, depending on its size.

The most important part of taking your DJI Mini 3/Mini Pro on a plane is not storing the batteries in a checked bag. This is because the luggage bags are not stored in a pressurized environment. 

Again, the airline staff may have difficulties responding swiftly in an emergency if the batteries are stored in the cargo area.

Here are some additional tips you should never forget whenever you want to travel with your DJI drone.

1. Follow your airline’s policy

Every airline has rules and regulations to govern bringing a drone on a plane with you. You must ensure that you adhere to the airline’s policy.

For instance, most airliners are concerned about the total watt-hours of the battery rather than the number of drone batteries.

Since the DJI Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro batteries are below 100 Wh, you can carry as many as you want.

2. Use the right case or bag

When picking the case or bags for carrying your drone, you will always have access to a wide range of options, and you need to make sure you choose the right one.

A hard shell bag or case will be a good pick. The idea is to use a quality bag or case to guarantee your drone’s safety.

Further, since you may have to carry your batteries separately, invest in quality bags for the sake of your batteries.

A good bag can significantly mitigate any potential risks, including minimizing the chances of ignition in case of short-circuiting.

3. Check local drone laws

Flying your DJI Mini drone is supposed to be an exhilarating experience. One way to accomplish this is by adhering to the rules and regulations governing drone use wherever you go.

Before you park your drone gear, understand the drone laws wherever you go.

There’s no need to take your drone with you to whatever destination you’re traveling to only to find that you’re not permitted to fly there for one reason or another.

4. Remember the accessories

The idea behind taking your DJI drone on a plane is to use it wherever you’re going to capture memorable moments during your trip.

It can be disappointing if you leave some of the essential accessories behind.

However, since you will have to pack some components of your drone separately, it becomes easy to forget essential accessories.

Double-check you have all the necessary accessories to use your drone effectively before leaving for the airport.

5. Be transit smart

Being transit smart means that before you take your DJI Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro on a plane, take time to understand the laws and everything that will help ease the entire process.

For instance, while carrying your drone batteries in your carry-on bag is mandatory, some airlines require you to cover the batteries’ terminal points.

Further, know your carry-on capacity limits according to your airline’s policies.