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How Long to Charge DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro Controller (Explained)

The DJI Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro have two main compatible controllers that must be frequently charged – the DJI RC-N1 and DJI RC.

How long does it take to charge DJI Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro controllers?

It takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes for the DJI RC to be fully charged, and up to 2 hours and 40 minutes for the RC-N1. Both of these controllers are compatible with DJI Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro. The charging time may vary, subject to the charger power, charging temperatures, and other factors.

Let’s have a look together at more information about how long it takes to charge the DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro controllers and what can affect the charging time. 

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What are the power specs of the DJI RC and RC-N1?

The DJI RC-N1 is the standard controller that comes with your DJI Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro unless you opt for the DJI RC (with screen).

It is a decent controller with pretty decent battery life. It lasts for a maximum of 6 hours if it is not charging your phone, or 4 hours otherwise.

The RC-N1 has a battery capacity of 5200 mAh and an energy of 18.72 Wh. This remote controller is capable of charging your mobile phone when connected at a rate of 500mAh at 5V.

The DJI RC-N1 cannot be purchased separately.

DJI RC, not to be confused with the N1 version, is the premium controller version with a screen you can use with your DJI Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro drone if you opted for or bought it separately. 

The DJI RC has the same battery, Li-ion, with a capacity of 5,200 mAh at 3.6 V. 

The DJI RC will last you a maximum of 4 hours of usage, depending on the screen brightness and multiple factors. 

For a better understanding, let’s have a look together at the following table.

Capacity5200 mAh5200mAh
Max Battery Life4 hours (output charging)
6 hours (no output charging)
4 hours
Output charging500mAh/5Vn/a
Operating Temperature-10° to 40° C -10° to 40° C 
Charging Temperature5 to 40°C5 to 40°C
Charging Time+/- 2 Hours 40 minutes+/- 1 Hour 30 minutes
Battery Capacity and Charging Specs

What influences the charging time of DJI RC and RC-N1 controllers?

Please remember that the charging times of the DJI RC and DJI RC-N1 compatible with DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro are simply guidelines, and many factors will influence the charging time.

The charger used to charge the DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro controller

The charger used to charge your remote controllers is the main factor influencing the charging time. The slower the charger is, the more time it will take to charge your remote controllers. 

For this reason, we will always recommend you choose a decent charger you can use for both your drone and remote controller.

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It does matter whether the charger has quick charging capabilities and whether this is a wall socket charger, car charger, or power bank. 

Chargers with high capacity (e.g., 60-80w+) do not mean they will charge your remote controller faster. 

The charging power will always stop at 1C, fenced by the incorporated smart system from the DJI RC-N1 and DJI RC for safe charging methods.

For example, if you charge your DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro battery from the same charger at the same time as you charge the remote controller, the charging time will increase substantially as the current will be split up.

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Ambient temperature & controller temperature

The ambient temperature of the room or place where you charge your DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro remote controllers will impact charging time and how long it will take.

Please remember that the recommended charging temperatures are between 5° and 40° Celsius (41° to 104° F). 

Even if you are not charging your RC beyond those limits, getting close to them will impact your charging time. 

The temperature of the controller will matter as well. For instance, do not leave your DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro remote controller near a heat source or in the sun when charging.

This can damage your controller’s battery or decrease its life expectancy.

The cable used to charge the controller

Many third-party cables will slow the charging time of the remote controllers and do not support quick charging capabilities or have limited charging power.

If you want to have the best charging time for your remote controller, simply use the cable provided when you bought your DJI Mini 3 or Mini 3 Pro

The current battery capacity

Understandably, the charging time of your DJI Mini 3/ Mini 3 Pro controllers, such as the DJI RC and RC-N1, may be different. Still, your current battery capacity will always impact its charging time.

The standard charging times given are known to reflect an empty state of the controller. Normally, pilots are never draining the controller battery to zero.

For this reason, expect your charging time of the DJI RC and RC-N1 controllers to be slightly less, depending on other factors as well.

Total battery capacity

As with any batteries, the RC and RC-N1 Li-ion batteries will degrade over time, holding less charge when you fly your drone, but as well, it will require you less time to charge the controller.

Please note that in some circumstances where you have used the controller for many cycles or stored it inadequately for an extended period, the total capacity of its battery will drastically decrease.

The total battery capacity will always reflect the charging time, where less capacity means less charging time.

The power status of the controller

Another factor but not the least one that can impact your DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 pro controller charging time is the power status. 

If your controller is powered on while charging, it will drain power, increasing the total charging time.

Do the DJI Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro support other controllers? What are those charging specs and times?

According to DJI, on the firmware version v03.01.0900 and beyond, the DJI Mini 3 Pro is also supported in terms of compatibility with the DJI RC Pro.

This remote controller has no official data regarding compatibility with the DJI Mini 3 standard drone. 

But how long does it take to charge the DJI RC Pro?

  • 2 hours, with USB charger at 12 V
  • 1.5 hours, with USB charger at 15 V

The above data reflects using a 30w fast charger that is compatible with charging the DJI RC Pro controller.

Other factors influencing the charging time of the DJI RC Pro will also apply, as with the DJI RC and RC-N1 controllers.

Can you charge the DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro controllers in other ways?

The battery is not removable (as in some custom controllers, unsupported by DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro), and there are no other methods to charge the DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 pro controller other than with a USB connection from a power source.

And charging other ways than the recommended method (such as opening the controller and charging the battery directly) is out of the question for safe charging and can damage the controller or worse.