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DJI Avata Geofencing (And How to Unlock)

As Avata is an FPV drone made by DJI, this doesn’t benefit non-restrictive flights like custom FPV drones.

In this case, we are mainly looking at Avata geofencing. What is geofencing, and why does DJI Avata have it?

DJI Avata uses the DJI GEO 2.0 geofencing system to recognize a virtual perimeter around a physical area that will prohibit or limit pilots from flying in these restricted airspaces or warn them when current restrictions may affect the drone flight.

There is much more information to cover about Avata and geofencing, including how you can disable the geofence in certain areas, so keep reading!

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What is DJI Avata geofencing?

Avata, like any DJI drone, has an internal mapping database that will prevent your drone from flying in restrictive airspace.

Because the DJI is the leader in drone technology, they developed an entire network of geo maps into a massive database containing information and delimitation of restrictive areas. 

When a drone pilot wants to fly Avata in an area with active GEO Zone restriction, DJI will block the drone from taking off. 

Some areas are known as warning zones (for example, possible events in an area with crowds), and some are known as fully restricted or no-fly zones (near airports or prisons).

Most restricted geofencing locations can be unlocked for your Avata, allowing you to fly in such airspace.

Why does DJI Avata have geofencing as an FPV drone? 

If you fly FPV with custom drones, you are well aware that none of those have geofencing or any restrictions. So why does Avata?

That’s because it is not related to the type of drones you fly, e.g., FPV, but to the manufacturer.

FPV or no FPV, once it is DJI property, they put these restrictions for safe drone flights and to minimize incidents by flying in forbidden airspaces or locations.

That is why, until recently, we have never seen an FPV drone with possible geofencing restrictions. Now we have DJI FPV and Avata. 

What happens if you fly your Avata in Manual Mode into the edge of a geofence?

Avata will use the emergency stop feature to prevent you from flying further into restricted airspace. 

Understanding the DJI Avata GEO Zone map colors

Different geo-restrictions for any DJI drone (including Avata) are categorized by these colors. 

Red Color – Restricted Zones: You are restricted from flying Avata in the airspace marked with the red color. You can apply to unlock this restriction only with a custom unlock. 

Blue Color – Authorization Zones: To fly in these blue-colored areas, you will need permission from FAA (or the equivalent party in your country) and the authorization you get through LAANC.

Shaded Yellow – Warning Zones: No LAANC authorization is required, but you will be warned before flying in such areas. 

Shaded Amber – Enhanced Warning Zones: No LAANC authorization is required to fly your drone, but you will need to unlock your Avata geofencing zone (more on that later).

Gray Color – Altitude Zones: You may be able to fly in such areas, but the height of your flight may be regulated and limited. 

How to unlock geofencing on DJI Avata

There are two main ways to unlock a specific area’s geofencing to fly your Avata freely. 

Beware that unlocking such zones will not give you the authority to fly there; it will just remove the restriction to liftoff your Avata. 

The most basic way while on-location is as follows:

  1. Connect your DJI Goggles 2 to your phone via cable.
  2. Press GoFly on your phone from within the DJI Fly App.
  3. When you try to arm your drone, it will prompt you to unlock it.
  4. It will open a window requiring you to enter a phone number.
  5. Go through the verification process and accept all new terms and conditions displayed.
  6. Your GEO Zone is probably unlocked.

Watch this video for the entire process:

Note: Please beware that not every restricted area will allow you to unlock the GEO Zone of that specific zone automatically. You may have to apply for a custom unlock. 

Know that you may be rejected if you cannot justify a good reason why you need to fly in that specific area you request to unlock. 

If you want to read more about manually applying for a GEO Zone unlock, not only for DJI Avata but any drone, and more information about DJI geofencing, check out this article:

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We must remember that there are two types of geofencing unlocks: for your Avata or your DJI Account. 

If you have a license to fly only your Avata in a geofence-restricted zone, you cannot fly any other drones, but an account unlock for a specific GEO Zone will apply to all the drones connected to your DJI account.

What else do we need to know about DJI Avata geofencing?

  • Having a geofence map on Avata is, in fact, a positive thing because if we are being restricted from flying in a specific location, that means the area is prohibited for drone use. This can save us from legal snafus.
  • When you want to fly your Avata and the geofencing restriction hits you, this information is loaded from the latest geofence database update. The geofencing data map is loaded in offline mode from your device.
  • Regularly update your geofencing database from the DJI Fly App to stay updated on geofencing maps.
  • The geofencing restrictions apply to all DJI drones, not only Avata, and every drone pilot must follow these restrictions and drone regulations.
  • Countries may have different laws that will impact flying Avata in geo-restricted areas.
  • Although the US has a complex developed geo map for drone restrictions, other countries may have partial and incomplete geo data.
  • Some no-fly drone zones do not appear on the geo map as restrictive flight zones. Never assume that if a zone is not restricted by geofencing, you can fly there with your Avata.