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DJI Tello Vs. Spark: Which Drone Is Better?

The Tello and Spark drones are similar in size and overall have a similar appearance. However, they have different features and characteristics. When it comes to performance, these two drones are actually pretty dissimilar. Despite using similar drone technology, these drones have diverse capabilities. So, which drone is better between the DJI Tello and the Spark?

The DJI Tello drone is ideal for beginners and children since it has a very user-friendly interface. It’s perfect if you are learning how to fly a drone. Conversely, the Spark drone has advanced features ideal for a more experienced user, and requires a bit more skill to master. 

These drones have different functionalities and also cater to people with differing needs. Additionally, your taste and preferences will play a significant role in which one you ultimately choose. 

Now that I have piqued your curiosity, stay put for more information about the Tello and DJI Spark drones. I am going to tell you about their features, characteristics, pros, and cons. I will also make an in-depth comparison of the two types of drones.

DJI Tello Drone Vs Spark Drone

Here is a simple table comparison between these two drones of a few identifying features.

FeatureDJI Tello DroneSpark Drone
Camera5MP, 720p videos12MP, 1080p videos 
Transmission Distance100 Meters100 Meters
Flight time13 minutes in calm weather16 minutes in calm weather
MotorBrushed MotorBrushless Motor
Dimensions3.8*3.6*1.6 inches5.6*5.6*2.1 inches
Weight2.8 ounces10.5 ounces

DJI Tello

The DJI Tello Drone is relatively new in the market. Even so, it has already made a name for itself as the smartest toy drone. It is the most suitable drone for beginners and children. Here are some features of the DJI Tello drone.

Characteristics of a DJI Tello Drone

Here are a few model characteristics of a DJI Tello drone.

  • Size: Tello drones are relatively small in size compared to other types of drones. They generally measure around 3.9 inches in width and 1.6 inches in height.  
  • Weight: They are also very lightweight. Most Tello drones measure 2.8 ounces which is a third of the average drone weight 
  • Propeller length: The propellers of a Tello drone are about 3 inches long
  • Port: They come equipped with a micro-USB charging port
  • Built-in functions: They come equipped with LED, Range finder, Barometer, and a Vision System

Features of a DJI Tello Drone

The following are the features of a Tello drone.

1. Flight Time

Despite its miniature size, a Tello drone can stay airborne for about thirteen minutes. That said, this flight time will vary depending on the weather conditions. The drone will be able to stay airborne for longer on a calm day.

2. Motors

Tello drones have brushed motors. This kind of motor is relatively cheap, and some say it’s because of its low quality. Nonetheless, it works fine with Tello drones. With good care, these motors have a lifespan of between 100 to 300 hours.

3. Water resistance

Tello drones are semi-water resistant. You can fly them in a light drizzle, or snowy conditions, but avoid heavy rainfall or water landings, which can result in short-circuiting or battery failure.

4. Camera

The 5MP camera on a Tello drone is quite impressive for the size of drone. Additionally, this drone can comfortably shoot 720p videos. This camera also has an amazing 82.6-degree field of view. 

You can control this camera using the DJI Tello App. Your video footage will be smooth and steady since this drone has electronic image stabilization

5. Distance of transmission

Despite being essentially a toy drone, the DJI Tello drone has a transmission distance of up to 100 meters. The maximum speed it can achieve during this period is 8m/s.

Pros of a DJI Tello drone

There are several advantages of a Tello drone. First, this drone is easy to fly and beginner-friendly. You can easily fly this drone even with no prior drone experience. It is also safe and easy enough for kids. You can use the Tello app to fly this drone.

Secondly, this drone is relatively stable and easy to control once it’s airborne. Small drones are usually difficult to control, especially on windy days, but the Tello drone is steady compared to other small drones. Its stability also makes it safe enough to fly indoors.

Cons of a DJI Tello Drone

The size of this drone makes it impossible to use in projects that need longer flight times. It’s also not going to give you the image quality of a more mid-level consumer drone.

Spark Drone

This is a high-quality GPS quadcopter. Compared to Tello drones, the Spark drone is way ahead in terms of functionality, and is slightly bigger than the Tello. 

Characteristics of a Spark Drone

Here are the distinguishing characteristics of a Spark Drone.

  • Size: A Spark drone is larger compared to a Tello drone. It measures 5.6*5.6*2.1 inches.
  • Weight: A spark drone weighs 300 grams.
  • Gimbal: This drone has a 2-Axis Gimbal

Features of Spark Drone

The following are the distinguishing features of a Spark drone.

1. Camera

Spark drones have impressive cameras with Gimbal Stabilization of 2-axis mechanical. The drone boasts a 12MP camera capable of shooting clear 1080pixel videos.

Unfortunately, these cameras cannot zoom. Nonetheless, you can create beautiful panoramic images. This camera is also perfect for taking selfies.

2. Flight time

Spark drones can last in the air for sixteen minutes. This is the maximum amount of time this drone can stay airborne at a consistent speed of 12.4mph. The weather should be calm with no wind.

3. Motor

A Spark drone uses brushless motors. As earlier pointed out, brushless motors are better than brushed ones. They generate more thrust and are more durable. 

Under normal circumstances, a Spark drone’s brushless motor will last anywhere between 500 to 1000 hours. It can also work just as efficiently after that, but may require occasional repairs.

4. Transmission distance

The maximum distance of transmission of a Spark drone is 100m with a 50m height. To achieve this distance, there needs to be no interference or obstacles.

5. Obstacles

Spark drones come with built in front obstacle avoidance mechanisms and sensors. This enables them to detect and avoid any obstacles on their path.

Pros of a Spark Drone

Listed below are a few advantages of a Spark drone.

1. Price

Spark drones are relatively affordable. They also have a promise of quality considering their prices. The price is further reduced if you choose to purchase it without its controller. You can buy the controller separately. This drone is well priced, considering its features and functionalities.

2. Obstacle avoidance

Obstacles are one of the leading causes of drone crashes. Spark drones come fitted with sensors that help them sense and avoid obstacles in their pathway.

3. Easy to carry around

The small size of this drone makes it compact and portable enough to carry around. You also don’t need any special equipment or bags to carry this drone. All you need is a small bag to put it in. You can even carry it in your hand or roomy pocket if you aren’t going far.

4. Spare parts

In case of repairs, you can easily get replacement parts and accessories. These parts are found in various drone shops. For some drones, getting replacement parts is usually a hassle.

5. Hand gesture control

In the absence of a controller, you can control your drone using hand gestures. All you need to do is launch it from your palm and use your hand to control it. The best way to take a selfie using a spark drone is by controlling it using hand gestures.

Cons of a Spark Drone

Here are some disadvantages of a Spark drone

1. Limited flight time

Flying a drone is fun, and you would want them to stay airborne longer. However, a Spark drone can stay in the air for a maximum of sixteen minutes only.

2. Easily affected by bad weather

Spark drones are not stable enough to withstand strong winds. I advise that you fly your drone when the weather is calm. Strong winds may blow off your drone and even make it crash. Wet conditions are also not suitable for the Spark drone as it is not water-resistant.

DJI Tello Vs. Spark: Which Drone Is Better?

After comparing the features and characteristics of each of these drones, I can say that in terms of functionality, a Spark drone is better than a DJI Tello drone. A DJI Tello drone is great too but lacks some essential features that a Spark drone has.

Nonetheless, if you are a beginner and looking to purchase a drone, I would advise getting a Tello drone. This is for the simple reason of ease of use. It is also a good choice of drone gift for your children. The Tello drone also has a sleek, miniature design that fits on the palm of your hands.

When you purchase a Tello, you get additional extra batteries, a VR headset, and extra propellers. All these come free of charge.  

The Spark drone delivers a more enhaced experience compared to a Tello drone, especially when taking aerial photos and videos. Using hand gestures to take pictures and selfies is a fantastic experience.

To sum up, the choice to get a Tello or a Spark lies solely with you. Your taste, needs and preference will determine which kind of drone you choose. That said, if I was to choose, I would go for a Spark drone.