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Holy Stone Drone Doesn’t Want to Fly Right. What to Do?

There’s nothing quite as exciting as getting your first drone and anticipating getting it in the air for the first flight. However, at times, this excitement can be quite short-lived if your drone begins behaving erratically as soon as you take off. For most, this can be quite a confusing and frustrating situation, and if you aren’t careful with the way you handle things, you may actually aggravate the problem. 

This problem has been observed and reported loads of times by Holy Stone drone owners, and making matters worse is that few people know the cause of it or how to fix it. So, with all this said, what should you do if your Holy Stone doesn’t want to fly right?

If your Holy Stone drone isn’t flying right, check these things:

  • Make sure you aren’t flying in a geofenced area
  • Ensure your drone’s GPS is turned on and working properly
  • Calibrate your drone’s compass
  • Clear any debris from the drone’s motors and propellers
  • Try a different controller if yours is damaged 
  • Tighten the propeller bolts if they’re loose, but not too much.

In this article, I’ll go much more in-depth on these potential fixes, and discuss all the possible reasons why your drone doesn’t want to fly right. My hope is that before you get to the end, you’ll have figured out the issue, and gotten your Holy Stone drone back up for more fun flights! 

If you own a Holy Stone drone, this may not be the first time you’ve experienced issues with getting your drone to fly as it should. And while this can be quite frustrating, the good news is that it can turn out to be easy to fix any issue your drone might be having.

If you are reading this, it’s because your Holy Stone drone doesn’t want to fly right, and you are at a loss as to what the cause is. This issue is quite common among Holy Stone drone owners, so yours isn’t an isolated case. If you keep a level head, then you should recognize the issue without any problem.

So, with that in mind, why is it that your drone doesn’t want to fly right?

1. You are flying in a geofenced area

This is one of the most common reasons that a Holy Stone drone will refuse to take off to begin with. Or it could kick in and cause problems after you’re already off the ground. 

Geofencing is a feature that utilizes a drone’s GPS to automatically enforce restrictions based on where you are flying your drone. The system is usually connected with a digital airspace chart that specifies no-fly zones or areas with active drone restrictions.

So, if you fly your Holy Stone drone in a geofenced area, it will not fly right as there are flight restrictions in the area. The flight of the drone will be erratic at best, and you may even crash your drone. You should, therefore, avoid flying your drone in a geo-fenced area at all costs.

Check the area before you take off to make sure you don’t inadvertently enter a geofenced area partway through your flight, as this is where the biggest problems usually arise. 

2. Your drone’s GPS functionality is erratic

A drone uses GPS to fix its position on a map. If your Holy Stone drone’s GPS functionality is erratic, inevitably, the drone will not fly right. This is because there isn’t feedback to the drone to tell it to fly in a certain direction or manner. Your drone will also be easily affected by the wind, and even the smallest breeze will knock it off balance.

Make sure the GPS is switched on, and if it is on but appears to be functioning erratically, try restarting the drone. Make sure to give the drone enough time to access GPS satellites before taking off. If the GPS appears to be malfunctioning, you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

In some cases, such as near tall buildings or powerlines, the GPS signal will experience interference, which can also affect your flight. Try flying farther away from any such obstacles and see if it improves your drone’s flight performance.

3. Miscalibrated compass

Another reason your Holy Stone drone doesn’t want to fly right could be that the compass may be miscalibrated. Compass calibration in a drone aligns the drone’s flight system with the Earth’s magnetic north. This allows the drone to know its heading or direction in space. So, if the compass of your Holy Stone isn’t properly calibrated, then it won’t fly right.

Follow the steps given in your owner’s manual to recalibrate the compass, and see if this gets the drone back on the right track.

4. Debris obstructing the motors

This is one of the most annoying things that can happen to your drone. The motors must all work equally, and if any of the motors isn’t working effectively, it will make your drone unable to fly right. At times, debris can get into the motors or wound around the propeller shaft. 

This may not even cause a huge reduction in the power of the motor, but even a slight reduction in the power is enough to make your drone not fly right.

Check for debris such as hairs, grass, sand, dirt or grime, etc., and remove any such particles you find very carefully with a soft cloth or canned air. 

5. Malfunctioning joysticks or damaged controller

Another reason your Holy Stone drone may not want to fly right could be if the controller has issues. While flying, the only connection you have to the drone is the controller. The controller can have its fair share of issues that may make your drone unable to fly right. 

Sometimes, the controller may be unable to identify the joysticks’ position correctly, which can cause problems when trying to fly your drone.

Try connecting a different controller if you have one, to see if this resolves the problem. If you don’t have another controller on hand, try to connect and fly using just the phone app. If the controller is malfunctioning, you can order a replacement. 

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6. Propeller or motor damage

Another possible reason your Holy Stone drone doesn’t want to fly right may be because the propellers are damaged. Even the tiniest of chips or cracks on the propeller can make flying your drone quite erratic and impossible. Also, if any of your drone’s motors are damaged, flying your drone right will practically be impossible.

Check your propellers for any signs of damage, and replace any that appear to have even the slightest signs of wear.

7. Loose propeller

Propellers are to drones what tires are to cars. If your Holy Stone drone’s propellers are loose, then your drone will not fly right. You can confirm whether the propellers are loose by holding the drone’s body and wiggling the drone ever so slightly. If there’s even minimal wiggling at the tips of your propellers, then that is probably the reason why your drone won’t fly right.

Tighten down the nuts holding the propellers in place carefully, being sure not to over tighten, as this can strip the threads and make it impossible to properly tighten them.

Also check to make sure that the propellers are properly installed, with the correct propellers on the correct corners of the drone. 

How to fix my holy stone drone that won’t fly right?

So, now that we know the various causes of why your drone isn’t flying right, let’s recap what you can do to fix the problem:

  • Make sure that you aren’t flying in a geofenced area. You can use Airmap or B4UFLY to identify restricted air spaces where you aren’t allowed to fly your drone.
  • Check to make sure that your drone’s GPS is working perfectly. If it isn’t, then you’ll have to contact the manufacturer to get a new unit.
  • Ensure that your drone’s compass is properly calibrated as per the instructions on the manual.
  • Clear any small particles or debris from your drone’s propellers and motors.
  • If your controller is damaged, get a brand new one. 
  • I any propeller or motor is damaged, you’ll have to get new ones.
  • If your drone’s propellers are loose, tighten the bolts up but not too much.

The first step is identifying the problem with your drone. After that, it should be straightforward to find a way to fix the issue. Follow these tips, and you should be able to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it, for many more trouble-free flights with your Holy Stone drone. 

Image Credit: Holy Stone