Hubsan h501s Standard Vs. Professional: What are the Differences?

The Hubsan h501 quadcopter range is steadily gaining popularity. With more people opening up to the idea of flying drones, the Hubsan range of quadcopters is making a niche for itself in the quadcopter market. There is, however, a lot of contention between the Hubsan h501 standard and the Hubsan h501 professional. So, what are the differences between these two drones?

The Hubsan h501s pro is an upgraded version of the Hubsan h501s standard. The professional version has a larger and sleeker design. This upgrade also means an increase in the price. The standard version is cheaper compared to the professional version. 

If I were to purchase either of the two, I would go for the professional version. This is because it has upgraded features and specifications. That said, the standard version is not entirely outdated or irrelevant. If you are on a tight budget, you can settle for the standard version since it also works relatively well.

It is good to understand the features of each of these quadcopters before making a decision. If you wish to know more about their features, pros, and cons, then stick around. I will also show you how these two drones compare to each other. Note that the Hubsan h501s drones are sometimes marketed as Hubsan X4 FPV.

Hubsan h501s Standard

The Hubsan h501s standard edition is a First Person View (FPV), GPS enabled quadcopter. It comes in a primary black or white color with gold accents. Additionally, it has stable hovering capability with GPS technology. This drone is a good choice for those who are into aerial imagery.

Characteristics of the Hubsan h501s Standard drone

Here are some distinguishing characteristics of this quadcopter.

  • Size: This drone measures 220*220*70mm
  • Weight: The quadcopter weighs 410grams
  • Wheelbase: It has a wheelbase of 311mm
  • Rotor Size: It has a rotor size of 185mm
  • Motors: The drone has brushless motors

Features of a Hubsan h501s standard quadcopter

The Hubsan h501s standard quadcopter has pretty impressive characteristics.

  1. Camera

The drone comes with a built-in HD camera. This camera can take videos in 1080 and 720p. Moreover, you can take excellent selfies with this camera since it produces good JPG photographs.

  1. Flight time

The Hubsan h501s standard drone has a maximum flight time of between sixteen to twenty minutes.

  1. Auto Return Home

This is quite a useful feature of the Hubsan h501s quadcopter. It means that the drone can return to its take-off point on its own. A GPS–backed navigation system helps it do this.

To illustrate, when you are out flying your Hubsan drone, it may lose connection with the transmitter. Other drone models will likely crash. For this kind of drone, the failsafe mode engages, making it automatically return to the place you launched it.

If the failsafe mode fails to engage, you can trigger failsafe mode manually using a switch on the drone transmitter.

  1. Follow me mode

This mode allows the quadcopter to track its transmitter. It will lock into the position of the transmitter and attempt to ‘follow it.’ This feature comes in handy when you want to record a moving object that’s difficult to follow.

  1. Intuitive orientation

This is also called the Headless Mode. In this mode, the Hubsan h501s drone moves relative to the pilot’s movements, regardless of which direction the drone is actually facing. If you push the pitch stick forward, the drone goes away from you, even if it’s facing you.

  1. Axis Gyro

This drone is sturdy with solid wind resistance capabilities. It is also fairly easy to control.

Pros of the Hubsan h501s Standard drone

There are several advantages associated with the Hubsan h501s standard quadcopter. First, this drone is reasonably priced. You would expect it to be much more expensive considering the kind of features it has. On the contrary, the Hubsan h501s standard drone is affordable.

Secondly, it is infrequent to lose this kind of drone. Usually, when a drone loses connection with its controller, it may fly off to the unknown or crash and get lost. The auto-return feature on the Hubsan h501s helps it get back to the launching point.

Cons of the Hubsan h501s standard drone

The drone has a short flight time of only 20 minutes. This time is reduced when you fly in windy or cold weather.

Hubsan h501s Professional

The Hubsan h501s pro is a more advanced variant of the Hubsan h501s standard version. While it may have similar features to the standard version, some of them are upgraded and advanced. It is also more prominent in size with a smooth design.

Characteristics of the Hubsan h501s professional drone

Here are the characteristics of the h501s professional quadcopter.

  • Size: The drone measures 8.7*8.7*2.8 inches
  • Weight: The drone weighs approximately 410g
  • Motors: This drone uses a brushless motor
  • Battery capacity: it has a battery capacity of 2700Mah

Features of a Hubsan h501s professional drone

This quadcopter has features similar to the standard version. They include:

  1. Camera

The drone has an excellent 1080p camera. This camera is also transmitted to a ground control viewer of 5.8 GHz. Furthermore, the camera is a First-person view (FPV) type of camera. However, you can also fly the drone sideways and get similar views like those of a mounted gimbal camera.

  1. Fight stabilization

The H501s pro version has impressive onboard flight controller characteristics. It has 6 axis stabilization capabilities which enable you to get clear videos and photographs. This stabilization aspect reduces the effect of sudden movements and bumpy motions. 

  1. Follow me mode

Like the standard version, this drone has a follow-me mode that comes in handy when taking videos and photos.

  1. Return to home function

Return to home functions are also in effect on the pro version, since there is a GPS fitted on the quadcopter. The GPS further helps the drone to hover.

  1. Flight time

The Hubsan h501s pro version has an average flight time of twenty minutes.

  1. Fail-safe mode

When this quadcopter loses connection from its transmitter, it will automatically enter the failsafe mode. This mode helps it avoid damage in case it crashes or collides with obstacles.

Pros of the Hubsan H501s professional version

An upgrade of the standard version was a good idea since the Hubsan h501s pro version has many advantages. They include:

  • The camera of this drone takes incredibly smooth HD videos.
  • You can fly the drone sideways when in headless mode. While at it, you can get videos to the right or left of the line of flight.
  • It is affordable. Considering its advanced features such as built-in GPS and Return to home, the price of this drone is reasonable.
  • It has a manual switch for auto return home mode if the helicopter fails to engage this mode on its own.

Cons of the Hubsan H501S Professional drone

Here are some disadvantages of this quadcopter.

  • This drone cannot do many tricks and flips
  • It lacks collision avoidance sensors

Difference Between Hubsan h501s Standard and Hubsan h501s Professional Version

There are actually only a few differences between these two quadcopters considering one is an upgrade of the other.

That said, certain aspects of the professional version are missing on the standard version. For instance, the professional version has a dedicated 5.8 GHz FPV antenna for the video signals.

Additionally, the professional version is bigger than the standard version, which helps make it a bit more stable to fly in windy conditions. The price difference is also notable, with the standard version being slightly cheaper than the pro version.

Another difference between these drones is the battery capacity. The professional version has a larger battery capacity of 2700mah compared to the 2300mah battery capacity of the standard version, giving it a few extra minutes of flight time.

The Hubsan h501s professional version uses an advanced transmitter. This controller has an improved control range of between 1.6 to about 1.8km.

The control distance of a standard version ranges from 500 meters to 800 meters. If you need to power up the transmitter, you can use a 12V, 3S lipo battery. Remember to use a JST connector.

The professional drone has an advanced FPV screen measuring 3.7 inches. The standard version’s screen is 4.3 inches.

The FPV screen resolution of a Hubsan professional drone is 1080p. The standard version has an average quality screen with a resolution of 480*272 pixels.

Below is a table showing a simple comparison of these two drones.

Hubsan h501s professional Vs Hubsan h501s Standard Version

Hubsan h501s ProfessionalHubsan h501s Standard 
Size8.7*8.7*2.8 inches8.7*8.7*2.8 inches
Flight time20 minutes16minutes
FPV Screen3.7 inches4.3 inches
MotorsBrushless motorsBrushless motors

Both these drones are relatively easy to use. If you are a beginner, learning how to fly a Hubsan h501s drone is not complicated. The drones are so easy to use, children as young as 14 years can fly them. They are both very lightweight, so carrying them around won’t be much of a hustle.

To sum up, the Hubsan h501s series has impressive drones. Nonetheless, if I were to choose which one to purchase, I would go for the professional version because of the upgrades. Even then, the drone you choose is dependent on your preference and taste.

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